Thursday, November 08, 2007

New Mexico and the Rose Bowl Parade: A Short Retrospective

2006: Two years ago, it was Bill Richardson and Diane Denish sitting together under an attractive plastic tarp on a rain-soaked wagon-house combo while attendant blue plastic servants stood nearby. Diane has never been anywhere near Bill since:

2007: Last year...well last year I couldn't find an image. Probably because the state spent all its money on a 75 foot tall Manny Aragon balloon at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (picture not available...but just imagine it bounding down Broadway)

2008: And this year the State Department of Time-Wasting Faux Art Work gives us this prototype:

No comment is necessary. Absolutely unnecessary to say anything this, whatsoever. So my comment will be unnecessary and flippant. I like how the "Spaceport" so closely resembles a nuclear mushroom cloud. And the little rocket to the side looks so very much like a nuclear warhead with teepee overtones. And are the aliens gleefully peeing off the side of the tophat-styled "spacecraft"?


history said...

Are they trying to show what a close encounter of the 4th kind would be? Oh and BTW, where do you see "glee" in those alien faces?

Natalie said...

A-Hahahahaha! I am totally cracking up at those piddlin' aliens!

I can't even comment properly...

...laughing too hard...

(word verification is ipwem which I interpret as "I pee with 'em." Hmmm...)