Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Criminy, Teresa Córdova Too?

In my terribly obsessive continual refreshing of results in the Pearce/Wilson race last night (I suddenly became like the biggest Steve Pearce fanatic of all time, as I discovered a deep well of loathing for Wilson...a well of near-limitless depth I had never really noticed until about 10 o'clock last night. Or maybe it was when she made that sleazy "Pete is endorsing me" faux-disclosure at the Sandia Casino debate late last week.) I totally overlooked the Córdova/de la Cruz (and mysterious other guy Andrew Leo Lopez) race in County Commission #2.

I so assumed
Córdova was going to win that I didn't even look that far down the ballot last night and now I find out de la Cruz won. Wow, last night really was interesting. Now I know some folks quite like Córdova, and I realize I put too emphasis on her capitulation on the Walmart within view of my SV home, but she just bugs me as one of those people you think is going to be effective and cool and all that, but when push comes to shove just gets shoved.

Not to mention the whole "Gradegate" brouhaha. Anytime someone gets on TV to complain about excessive media coverage, I am reminded of all those athletes complaining about ending up in jail after getting involved in bar fights at two in the morning. Getting drunk and staggering around the parking lot at Billy's Long Bar yelling obscenities is pretty much how
Córdova handled "Gradegate".

See ya Teresa. Oh, and by the way, I noticed that "Gradegate" alum Elsy Fierro has a new job as principal at Marie Hughes Elementary (caution, the link sends you to the APS website...a place from which many have ventured, but damn few return alive).

You really can't make this stuff up, folks. Trust me, I'm trying.


Maassive said...

You know, I found myself rooting for Pearce as well last night...if only because as a journalist I've found wilson's folks extremely uncooperative.

Check out the video I made about my last encounter with her:

- Dave Maass
Staff Writer
Santa Fe Reporter

Natalie said...

I know, right? Cordova was a blip on the (terrible) KRQE reporting and I thought, hmmm... wonder what's going to happen there? Then I couldn't find anything else on her results. I even tried Googling it.
So, thanks for the update and, yeah, after the brouhaha, it's good to know people are on to the blah-blah politica bs. Granted, she's done a lot of really good things for the south valley but I have to wonder what the real effectiveness of it is...

Enjoying your summer, writer-man?

Anonymous said...

I just knew Petunia could beat Cordova!