Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Need a New Drug, One That Won't Get Me Shot

When George Terrazas was mugged at gunpoint in this Mexican border city several months ago, he vowed never to return.
That, however, was before gasoline hit $4 a gallon in his hometown, El Paso, just across the border.
--Adam B. Ellick, "Low Mexican Gas Prices Draw Americans", New York Times, 6/25/08
Cue American "it is my sacred right to have relatively inexpensive gasoline" hilarity and hijinks. This article is so funny I really should just copy/paste the entire thing, but I really shouldn't do that because it's unethical and all, and besides I trust you, dear remaining Burque Babble readers, will have the requisite energy to click on the link to the article. (rr) And, no offense to Mr. Terrazas, the accompanying picture is just so utterly perfect!

Now that's funny stuff. Running a close second is the tagline I ran across at yesterday:
Thanks for making us the Southwest's #1 political blog.
I've been a very good boy for quite some time now, fulfilling my vow never to visit again, but my Summer ennui got the best of me. Plus, you know, the 2008 election is only about 133 days away. And who can resist the "Southwest's #1 political blog"? That's right...nobody.

Anyway, I'd like to thank my loyal readers for making Burque Babble the Southwest's #741 political blog, just between "North Valley Knitters for McCain" and "Nob Hillers Who Can't Let Ron Paul Go". I just hope and pray and hope some more that, with your help, I can break into the top 600 by Election Day. Forget about me...that would mean so much to you..I know.

I wonder what criteria Mr. Monahan is using to self-determine "#1". Must be "number of haphazardly placed and visually distorted campaign ads on website". If so, Joe's got us all beat, forever by infinity.


NewMexiKen said...

Monahan gets his web design from the same place as the ABQ Journal.

Anonymous said...


NOTE: Voting has ended for the "Hi & Lois" vs. "Get Fuzzy" comic shootout poll.

The next shootout poll will start on Monday, June 30, and it will pit
the comic strip "Agnes" against newcomer comic strip "Frazz."

James said...

Hey! Where's that Nob Hillers Who Can't Let Ron Paul Go blog? I need to put that in my feed!!!