Friday, June 27, 2008

My Fantasy Energy Team is Hitting Over $140

Post-Fossil Fuel, Solar Economy Bike Ride
Dreaming, On Such a Summer's Day

I understand. The last few blogposts have averaged 375,000 words each. I'll make this shorter, I promise.

Now that I've lost interest in fantasy baseball, I've started to play "fantasy energy". It's the game where you refresh business sites all day in-between fits of "work" and check out the price of crude oil.

Yesterday Albert Pujols went 4-for-4, but perhaps more importantly to the world economy, oil hit $140 and has jumped it by quite a bit this morning.

My fantasy team, "$200 or Bust", is doing well in the fantasy energy standings these days. So well that I'm daydreaming about things like huge solar farms (like this one in Portugal) sprinkled around Albuquerque, funded through shares sold to green-conscious electrical consumers who pay into the program and get free electricity that can then be used to run houses and charge totally electric cars (not stupid hybrids) with tires made of non-petroleum-based natural fibers (maybe hemp).

I did mention it was "fantasy energy", didn't I?

Alright, time for a daydreamed-filled long bike ride. Have a good weekend, everybody.

And for those seasonably unemployed teachers out there who don't even notice the difference between "weekday" and "weekend" during Summer, let's do some great acting and pretend we even know the difference between Friday evening and Tuesday morning at this point.

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