Thursday, June 05, 2008

There's a Moon In the Court Called Danny Moon

"I'm telling ya, I did it all for the kids. The kids I tells ya!"

And yes, this "hiatus" is off to a rough start. A commenter yesterday asked about the writing, which actually is going fairly well (thanks for asking), or at least as well as can be expected from someone with a deep commitment to laziness, inertia and procrastination, especially during the Summer months.

But then these stories keep cropping up which are not only far more interesting than any attempt to fictionalize the K-12 educational experience, but impossible to avoid mention. Or at least I think so.

Danny Moon. When your name is followed in a newspaper story with:
"scheduled to be arraigned Friday in Albuquerque on 64 charges of racketeering, fraud, embezzlement and making or permitting false public vouchers..."
that's not good.

On the other hand, a set of charges like those would probably raise the self-esteem of just about any mafia boss. I have to admit I'm kinda envious of "racketeering", when you come down to it. I go immediately to mental images of bootleg whiskey in large crates being smashed by axe-wielding policemen of Irish descent. And that's cool.

But I guess it would overall be a drag to have one's name appear in the local "paper of record" followed by:
"scheduled to be arraigned Friday in Albuquerque on 64 charges of racketeering, fraud, embezzlement and making or permitting false public vouchers..."
especially if instead of hauling around illicit hooch the charges involved running a public school. I guess we education types are held to a higher moral standard than mafiosos.

I'm not entirely sure I'm happy about that.


Anonymous said...

The blogs had all the info long before the Journal was forced into play.

Joseph Lopez said...

Hey Scott, Joe Lopez here, ignored whistleblower and beat-up dude.

I am glad you find humor in this, but it really sucked getting beat up a bunch of times by Danny's minions trying to save him from going to prison.

It also sucked losing every friend I had at the school since no one else would stand up to him, they most likely feel like little Iscariots with their twenty pieces of silver.

I guess I would feel like a heel too, if I abandoned my friend when he needed help the most, because they were afraid of Danny and his goons. Too bad they didn't all stand up and just hand over original attendance sheets to the PED like I suggested. That would have shown them in 2004 that Moon was straight up stealing, and he couldn't have had all of us harassed and attacked.

Hope you have been well. Keep up the writing, you really are damn funny!

Please check my new blog, I write lots too!

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