Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Those Darn Kids!

According to

Vote by Age, 18-29:

Obama 66%, McCain 32%, Other 2%

This demographic accounted for 18% of the vote.

In 2004, this bunch o' youngins accounted for 17% of the vote and broke 54%/45% for Kerry.

Thanks young people. Some of us oldsters knew you could do it.

P.S.:  Glad to be wrong in many instances, particularly in the Teague/Tinsley race down south.  Congrats to a D-only New Mexico Congressional delegation!


Kelsey Atherton said...

You're welcome!

Nora said...

Well, that was some fun civic responsibility, but I guess now it's time to go back to blowing up mailboxes, tagging public bathrooms and peeing on police cars!

Anonymous said...

One thing to think about is how badly the Republicans blew it here in NM. Heather Wilson might have had a fighting chance against Udall, and Pearce would have kept his seat easily in the House, Apparently, noone in the party thought about it. Pitting Pearce and Wilson against each other in the primary--Oops. Welcome back to NM Republican reps, good luck.