Friday, November 07, 2008

The Twenty Degree Barrier

I'm trying to stick to a 20 degree barrier this school year for riding the bike to work. Wunderground's "Alameda and the River" location says 28.5 degrees right now at 6:26 in the A.M., so I better hit the showers for a pointless body cleaning before getting simultaneously sweaty and icy along the river bike path.

Happy commuting, all. I'll be listening for the cranes/geese hanging out in the now-dormant chile field between 2nd and the bike path while I ride. Wearing that thick balaclava makes it hard to hear much, though.'s all about the layering...have a good weekend, everybody.


steve said...

Near-perfect outfit for commuting 20-32 degrees:
very thin cap/or earwarmer, Pearl Izumi lobster mittens, REI wind-proof/gortex-type bicycling rain jacket (worth the expense because of venting properties), 2 thin layers under (2nd layer has some wool in it), and booties. I think it will keep me in the saddle down to 20, w/o the sweating that you are talking about.

jscotkey said...

Steve: I want to check out that REI jacket, but for the rest I think I'm good to go down to 20. My feet got a teensy-weensy bit cold Friday, but I'm going to try a combination of socks and see if that helps.

Meanwhile, the geese/crane action along the bike path Friday morning was marvelous.