Friday, December 05, 2008

Bike Commuting With Clip Pedals: Day 1

Do I really need to write anything other than the title above?

Probably not.

I certainly hope nobody saw me slowly, inexorably plummet against the guard rail at Rio Bravo and the Bike Path last evening. Or continue my two-stage fall from the guard rail onto the bike path surface itself. I think the guy fishing along the ditchbank didn't see me, because I didn't see him laughing his ass off.

Pride largely intact, I rode home whereupon my wife laughed, even when I showed her the immediate bruising.

(insert nonexistent photo of immediate bruising here)

Perhaps clip pedals are another example of humans taking a very fun activity and masochistically twisting it to the point of not being fun.

Or perhaps I am the most uncoordinated ambulatory person in the Universe.

Have a good weekend everybody.

P.S.: More bad teacher pontifications to follow...when the bruises (especially the job-related mental ones) heal.


Chantal said...

Clips are for the elegant people of the world who glide on their bikes like runway angels. Or at least those who aren't afraid of being attached to an unprotected moving object at 30 mph.

John Fleck said...

That's two-thirds of the way to your lifetime quota. And you've got a decent interval now until your last one.

Evan said...

I feel your pain. At least you fell in a relatively secluded place, rather than my chosen spot of right in the middle of UNM on Yale and Central.

Griffin said...

Ironically they are called "clipless" pedals. This due to those old school cage pedals being called "toe clips" or more commonly "clips"...

Unless of course you really mean cage pedals, in which case I am impressed you were able to fall due to them.

Either way you'll get used to them remarkably quickly and will soon find "flat" pedals extremely weird. Welcome to the world of spin.

jscotkey said...

Griffin: Thanks for reading and your comments. As to the "clip" v. "clipless" thing....that's bothered me for some time. As long as folks say "clip in" to denote the act of putting the clipless pedal shoe into the clipless pedal... I'm calling it a clip.

Plus, the onomatopoeia of "clip" matches the sound perfectly, "Clipless" just doesn't cut it aurally.

I realize I'm in the minority with that, but have noticed a few others calling clips "cages". I'm also jumping on that small bandwagon wholeheartedly. I was thinking of getting into the whole lexicon thing in the original, but decided it was going to take longer than just talking about the fall(s).

Thanks for your encouragement about sticking with them, regardless of what they're called.

Griffin said...

I wrote a long (four paragraphs!) comment back, but then fucking Vista crashed on me and I lost it.

Here is the short version:
1) The whole naming convention is totally silly
2) It is, obviously, a meme and may eventually infect you - I fought it for about a year but now am unwillingly propagating it.
3) Cyclists remind me of sailors with their memetic lexicon of needless word replacements such as "line" instead of "rope" and "chart" instead of "map". Us sailors are even more jerks about it though, proudly correcting anyone/everyone/everywhere even though it is never important nor appropriate to do so.

Exhibit A) The power of the "line vs rope" meme is such that even on Flickr I'm a lecturing asshole: