Wednesday, December 10, 2008

[Expletive], Cubs [Expletive]

And, in a blast of vulgar language, Ms. Blagojevich eggs on her husband when he reportedly threatens to prevent the Tribune Company from selling the Chicago Cubs and Wrigley Field unless The Chicago Tribune fired editorial writers who had called for the governor’s impeachment. Ms. Blagojevich is quoted in the complaint as saying that the state should “hold up that [expletive] Cubs [expletive] ... [expletive] them.”
--NY Times, 12.10.08
My thoughts about the Cubs, exactly, Ms. B.

Actually, it takes a bit of Wheel of Fortune-esque sentence completion to determine exactly which expletive best fits where. How many combinations can you come up with that make sense? Fun for the entire rough-talking family.

And that's just part of the fun of this scandal. Spelling Blagojevich is another, as is figuring out the identity of "Candidate 4". Perhaps the best thing about this whole debacle is the knowledge that Albuquerque/New Mexico might be bad, but at least it's not Chicago/Illinois.

P.S.: Maybe with"[Expletive], Cubs [Expletive]" Ms. Blagojevich is simply singing that famous Steve Goodman song "Go, Cubs Go", and the feds mistook "Go" for something else.

Hey, it could happen. For instance, I've always wanted the Cubs to "Go Somewhere", if you get my rough-talking meaning. Meanwhile, any Steve Goodman reference is a good excuse to play a Goodman tune, even if it my single least-favorite song by him...

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barb said...

Any excuse for a Steve Goodman song is a good one. I'm a longtime fan of his and wish he were still around to write more fabulous songs.

I was lucky to see him perform many times in Chicago in the 1970s (phew), often at the Earl of Old Town, where you could eat peanuts for free and toss the shells on the floor. You know what I mean.

Goodman often appeared with John Prine in tow, who's another of my faves. Prine was still working as a postman early on and he sometimes came in after his shift still dressed that way to sip lots of whiskey on the tiny stage while he entertained us with stories and song a'plenty.

The late, last set was always the best, as you can imagine.

I also used to ride the gen-you-wine City of New Orleans to Champaign and back when I was at the U of I. Great club car as I vaguely recall.