Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Well, Winter Break Does Have the Word "Break" In It

I've always been a big fan of that joke/observation that someone, somewhere right now is being treated by the worst doctor in the world. Unless, of course, the worst doctor is on vacation.

I didn't say it was a funny joke.

Well, your humble blogger just finished his worst of the nine semesters spent at his current school of employ. Reasons for this determination range from health problems of co-workers to mental problems of co-workers to my problems with co-workers to the mere existence of those co-workers.

Oh well.

Another joke/observation line that seems appropo to the whole situation is that anyone with any decision-making role in a organization will piss off 20% of the workers in that organization per year. So by year five you've pissed off 100% of the workers, and it's time to get another job.

This is year five for me.

Fortunately, the economy is taking care of the "time to get another job" problem, what with Rio Rancho suggesting experienced teachers just take a semester off, and even Mr. Moneybags Albuquerque Academy instituting a hiring freeze.

Fellow employees, looks like we're stuck with each other, unless the "recession proof" theory of public school teacher employment proves to be fallacious. Meanwhile, a big Winter Break shout-out to all the were-just-about-to-retire public school teachers who are now going to extend their careers somewhat-to-mostly against their will.

It's gonna be a lovely Spring Semester. But for now it's Winter Break and let us all recharge our mental batteries as full as possible before resuming the ongoing systemic cluster#^&* that is the best, if crude, description of the glorious School Year 2008-2009.

Hmmm, looking back at the above paragraphs, I understand some readers might get the impression your humble blogger may be in need of a psychiatrist, even if that psychiatrist is the worst in the world. Ah, it's not that bad. Hell, I could be at West Mesa HS.

Another joke that just isn't funny. Have a good whatever you want to call the next few days. I'm planning an internet-free mini-vacation up north, replete with Richard Russo, snowshoeing and perhaps one or two or three glasses of barolo before the roaring fire. Cheers...even if it's not especially cheery these days.

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