Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Leonard DeLayo and Other Foggy Memories

So I'm half-interestedly going through the online newspaper this morning, looking at this and that when I come across:
Leonard DeLayo and Aggie Lopez, who sat on the board together in the 1990s, are running for the North Valley seat that will be vacated by Berna Facio.--ABQ Journal, 12.17.08
And when I saw the name "Leonard DeLayo" I came very, very close to ruining my laptop computer. Now people will often casually say they read, heard, saw something that had them "spitting coffee on the keyboard", but in my case we're talking an almost literal event. As in I had to quickly put my hand over my mouth and suffer hygienic personal humiliation as a small amount seeped out of the mouth and into my hand. Sorry for the detail, but we're talking close call.

We're talking a Vesuvian explosion of coffee-expelling funny here.

Leonard DeLayo? That Leonard DeLayo? As in the guy who received the strange vodka/pills-induced emails from Superintendent at the time Brad Allison? The same Leonard DeLayo who sat on the Board for 20 or 200 years and helped make APS the glorious insitution that it is? That Leonard DeLayo?

Seeing that name brings back such memories. Oh, those were the days. Just thinking about the whole Brad Allison debacle can't help but put a smile on my face. Then there's those halcyon days back in the 90s, with me teaching for peanuts and DeLayo making sure the peanuts were nice and roasted.

Trouble is, one's memory gets cloudy and I can't remember exactly why I was so excited to see that Mr. DeLayo didn't run for School Board a couple of years ago. Maybe enough voters will have the same memory fog and say to themselves "Hey, Leonard DeLayo! I remember that name. For some reason the name makes we want to spit coffee all over this School Board ballot, but I can't remember why. But I do remember the name, and aren't memories great?"

Given that roughly .0003% of registered voters will take part in the upcoming School Board election, it will only take about three people having this mental association game for DeLayo to get back on the board.

If that happens...I expect those peanuts to be not only roasted, but well-salted Mr. DeLayo. Now why was I spitting coffee again?

P.S.: Aggie Lopez? That Aggie Lopez? Is this all some big, meaningful joke to let us know that however bad we think things are now, it only pales in comparison with how bad things were back in the 90s?


johnny_mango said...

Isn't DeLayo running in a different district this time?

Anonymous said...

He was replaced by Marty Esquivel. Did De Layo move to the North Valley, or do you not have to live in the area you represent?

ched macquigg said...

you do have to live in the district that you represent; he must have moved.