Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Brother Carville's Travelling Salvation Show

I'm heading out of town and don't have time for a officially long, officially boring report on it, but I attended the James Carville Revival Meeting for Patsy Madrid earlier today at UNM. In a 12-minute sermon, Preacher James extolled a few finely sieved, chopped, and pureed political frameshop slogans, which were reverently written down on legal pads by devout Dem volunteers between uncontrolled interjections of "that's right!", "exactly, James, exactly!" and "Praise the Lord!". Okay, I made that last one was actually "Praise Carville as a God and let us construct a golden calf immediately as an offering to him!"

Preacher Carville in more of a Hunter S. Thompson-meets-General George S. Patton mode (photo not taken at UNM today, btw)

I looked closely, but saw no snakes being handled and could discern noone speaking in tongues. That's not to say it wasn't happening, however, as the multitude of hands thrown up in collective legal pad fervency and throaty ululations made sight lines unclear and hearing difficult.

Carville left quickly, answering only one crackpot question before scampering off. Many other crackpot questions on subjects like the International Conspiracy To Thwart Democracy Via Electronic Voting were blissfully left unasked. Then John Wertheim, NM Democratic Party Chairman, replaced the vivacious drawl of Carville with a uninspiring montone that could easily replace Ambien and Lunestra as a sleep-aid.

After only a few minutes of Wertheim my companion and I escaped into the pleasant afternoon, energized by the virally charismatic Carville, but openly wondering if such high spirits could be maintained in a state with such a impotent Party Chairman. Can we borrow Howard Dean from the national Dems for a few months?

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Grassrootsie said...

You think the serious problems with electronic voting machines, documented by none other than the GAO, are just myths?

By the way, Carville is in the cabal of DLC "centrists" who hate the grassroots, bloggers, and everything else even slightly democratic in the Democratic Party. They believe in supporting loser consultants with big consulting fees and big media consultants with huge ad buys for horribly dumb ads. He and Rahm Emanuel and the Clintonistas HATE the grassroots and any opinon other than their own.

Energizing? Not hardly.