Monday, June 12, 2006

Czech Republic 3 Star-Spangled Banner 1*

I admit it...I root against the U.S. in most international competitions. Scratch that...I root against THEM in all international competitions. There are a bunch of reasons, and another one arrived at the start of Team USA's debacle v. the Czech Republic this morning.

I was all ready to feel kinda bad for rooting for the Czechs when I'm watching ESPN2 (flipping back and forth between them and Univision). Very close-up coverage of the very nervous teams as they make their way to the pitch. *First, the U.S. national anthem is played. Tight shots of all the nervous American players. Then....then...then...we go to commercials. The Czech national anthem doesn't hit U.S. air.

I switch to Univision and of course they have the Czech national anthem. I stick with Univision the rest of the game.

The egocentrism of this country (mine?) knows no bounds. Congrats to the Czechs! Go Italia! Go Ghana!

P.S.: I just found out the following from the BBC website regarding the German stadium in Gelsenkirchen where the U.S./Czech Rep. matched was played:

"The ground incorporates a 5km beer pipeline to keep punters well-lubricated during football matches, concerts or any other event that the highly adaptable venue is used for."

Now that's the kind of state-of-the-art technology we need more of around here! I say the U.S. needs fewer "smart bombs" and more "5km beer pipelines". Schnell.

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