Thursday, June 22, 2006

We Taxpayers Are Ever So Sorry For The Energy Rebate

Las Vegas, Nevada--

You probably saw the Journal story on delays in processing NM tax refunds caused by the aforementioned Bill Richardson Energy Rebate. Two interesting points:

  1. The story quotes noted "Stop the War Machine" peace activist and former US House #1 candidate Bob Anderson in the role of "aggrieved taxpayer". Interesting choice of actor for that part...not bad, just interesting.
  2. NM Tax & Rev official Libby Gonzalez (another Libby in government?) is quoted as saying "They tried to claim the rebate again....They received it in October 2005 and they want to get it again."
Note to Ms. Gonzalez: Thanks for passing the blame on this back to the taxpayers. And thanks for making the whole energy rebate/tax thing so wonderfully complicated that nobody knew what the hell to do about it. And tell your boss, Big Bill, thanks again for that rebate and for having buck-passing bureaucrats like you in state government. the tax refunds are late going you think the State will be paying interest and penalties?


Anonymous said...

I missed this blog for awhile and am catching up. I got my tax return 2 days ago with 4.5% interest...

Anonymous said...

they cut the check 7/24