Wednesday, June 14, 2006

What Did You Say the Frequency Was Again, Kenneth?

I try to live a life in which nothing surprises me, especially in matters political.

But last night I admit it. I was a almost to the point of mild shock when Ken Mehlman, Republican National Committee Chairperson said on last night's Daily Show:

"I think greed, cynicism, all those things caused us to do it."

This in response to a somwhat rambling, but eventually straightforward question from Jon Stewart about how the Administration has become "parsers" of information instead of "straight shooters".

Here's a link to the video since I'm too cheapskate to have Quick Time Pro.

Speaking of Quick suggestion is to have 50 million viral videos made of this quote (with maybe the Democratic National Committee springing for free Quick Time Pro for all volunteer viralists) combined with a George Soros $500 million TV ad buy in which Stewart's question and Mehlman's response run in a continuous loop.

My guess is that Ken Mehlman is already circulating his resume this morning following this statement, but as Jon Stewart said over and over last night..."you've got a really hard're the guy who has to spray perfume on these turds..." Maybe Mehlman just needs a long break at this point.

My guess is that one will be offered to him very, very soon.

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