Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Closings and Delays

Burque Babble is on a two-hour delay this morning. I thought about making it an all-day closure, but since it's actually been about five days since the last post I figure I better pound a few cups of coffee and write something. Plus, I left my dig cam at school.

Just to change things up, I think I'll "live blog" today, adding things as events and caffeine warrant in little snippets I don't have to tie together, edit or even pay much attention to. Oh, the life of a blogger, especially one whose "straight job" packs up at the drop of a couple of inches.

"Live" Blog Observation #1: Why is the new Lucinda Williams "album" boring me? Is it because my "thing" for Lucinda is over, a "thing" which dates back to "Passionate Kisses" and her Rough Trade (no, that's not a double entendre, but a now-defunct record company) records? Is it because her new single "Are You Alright?" repeats the hooky title question about 543 times? Is it because the rest of the album sounds like a late-night lecture from some drunk older woman at a dive bar in Tuscaloosa?

"Live" Blog Observation #2: Speaking of music, looking outside the window at 3 inches of fallen snow while listening to Glenn Gould play J.S. Bach's "French" Suites is an excellent way to spend a morning.

"Live" Blog Observation #3: Let's practice for the SATs with an analogy question:

N.M. U.S. Rep. Steve Pearce talking about Iraq on C-SPAN

is to

J.S. Bach's "French" Suites



is to

Abraham Lincoln speaking at Gettysburg

Is ___________________________?

A. Loud phlegm-filled throat-clearing by an influenza victim
B. Confused, uneducated preacher sermonizing on string theory while on Romilar
C. President Bush speaking on any subject, at any time
D. Strained cries of rutting wildebeest amidst a noisy swarm of locusts

It's very interesting to get a chance to be stuck at home listening to stereo House/Senate debate on the "Surge", but boy is Pearce tough to listen to. Especially tough, I'd guess, if he was the Rep. from your district. It's bad enough that it says "New Mexico" under his name....

"Live" Blog Observation #4: Taking a nap interferes with "live" blogging.

"Live" Blog Observation #5: Even though an employee of the Journal, don't you think Dan McKay should be able to sue his employer for putting his picture right next to the lady in the "Get Fit!" section promotion pictures?

Part of ABQ site haphazardly recreated to show juxtaposition of McKay and "Get Fit" person

Maybe it's just me, but there just seems to be something wrong about these graphics being next to one another. Very wrong. Of course, you couldn't swing an html cat without hitting something graphically hideous on the new Journal website. It's quite obvious that the Journal has decided the sure-fire way to get people to stop reading content online and start buying the hard-copy paper is to make the website so ugly, unusable, and unnecessarily long that even hard-core 'Netters will give in to print. The only reason I continue to hold out and read the thing online is that I get to find out about Dan McKay having an online chat about cell phones. Okay, maybe that isn't the reason.

"Live" Blog Observation #6: From looking at the comments below, it appears everyone is in agreement: we like Lucinda Williams' early, funny records better. Perhaps Lucinda will now go through her "Stardust Memories" period before moving on to "Hannah and Her Sisters" and eventually becoming completely superfluous. Perhaps she is a already a bit ahead of that downward curve. Burque Babble says there's no dishonor in downward curves...we've been experiencing one for years now.


Natalie said...

I left Lucinda a while ago. I used to love her but she has become that old lady drunk on stage. What a shame and waste.
I've moved on to Patty Griffin although she's starting to look like Sarah Brightman. Scary-Stigmata-Strike-a-Pose.
Where have all the good singer-songwriters gone?
Long time passing...
(Although, John Prine and John Hiatt are still doing some interesting things.)

Maggie said...

Interesting, I'm a Lucinda fan too but haven't heard great stuff lately. Salon called the new album boring too, and ended their review with this line, which is just brilliant: "I like this Southern gal when she boils over, and all 'West' ever does is simmer."