Thursday, February 22, 2007

Entering a Stream-of-Consciousless

The J-O-B is now officially getting in the way of Burque Babble. A horrific concept obviously designed when humans weren't thinking too good, employment has really cut down the number of witty, fascinating posts in recent weeks. One might argue that the utter lack of talent on the part of yours truly has played a major role as well, and I can't really dispute that. An example was yesterday, where I was only able to half-finish a piece about how everybody at Daily Kos is now an Orwellian groupthink freak, always at war with Eastasia.

So, dear reader, just take my word for it...everybody at Daily Kos these days is an Orwellian groupthink freak.

An additional reason for the lack of any content here at Babble in recent weeks has involved your humble blogster wearing a hiking headlamp while goats jump and headbutt around him. It's hard to blog when you're laughing at goats. At the same time, it is the opinion of your humble blogster that everyone get some goats to laugh about.

Conversely, at this point I'm not so sure I would suggest anybody start a blog, as the blog landscape has become so Crumb-draws-San-Francisco-urban-hell-circa-1970 that it is impossible to keep up with all the good bloggin' out there. Not to mention the mediocre and worse blogs such as the increasingly infrequent Burque Babble.

So....I suggest that all bloggers stop bloggin' and get some goats. This would increase the amount of laughter in the world, and laughter is a real important thing. A thing almost as important as one's J-O-B when one has to pay $7,000 to have one's roof re-roofed.

Oh, did I mention that I'm shelling out $7,000 to have my roof fixed? Did I also not mention that a cheapskate like me shelling out thousands of dollars on something is like getting 7,000 lashes in slow-motion with a barbed lash like on that "Rome" series on HBO?

I did have some fun when informed I would be spending $7,000 to fix my roof. I did some fun mental math while the contractor was giving me this knee-buckling figure and tried to calculate how much money Burqueans were spending this winter on roof repair after the snowstorms. What percentage of Burque houses have or will be getting new roofs? How many total roofs is that? How many millions of dollars will that add up to? Can't Bill Richardson declare our roofs a disaster area and have the Pentagon or somebody pay for our roofs to be fixed.?

Minute upon minute there of fun mental math that always made finding out I'd have to pay $7,000 to have my roof fixed worth it.

So between bourgeois homeowner angst, the J-O-B and laughing at goats wearing a headlamp at 5:30 in the morning, Burque Babble has suffered in recent weeks. Your humble blogster apologizes for the multitudes who have so arduously clicked their way toward this blog only to be stuck with the same old blogpost from six weeks ago complaining about some stupid thing, as opposed to this equally stupid blogpost complaining about roofs and employment.

And now I have to go to work. As a final note, I would like to hear from bloggers who have followed my advice and given up bloggin' for goats. I'd like to think there's a worthwhile movement there I could take some credit for, not to mention that "Bloggin' for Goats" would make an excellent name for the next Modest Mouse record.

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