Monday, February 05, 2007

Picking Winners for APS School Board

The following punditry should be taken with a grain of salt larger than what's left of the polar ice caps. Unmitigated guessing here. Sub-Mendoza line guessing. Uneducated dart throwing.

District 1:

Winner: Dolores Griego
Why: She's not Richard Ray Sanchez; has Teacher's Union endorsement; has the most intriguingly honest response to the "Have you ever been arrested or convicted of a crime?" question during the Trib's Q&A.
Good or Bad Thing: Sure, why not? Did I mention she's not Richard Ray Sanchez?

District 2:

Winner: Robert Lucero
Why: High entertainment value, general goofiness and an incredible ability to get quoted in the newspapers. He's also the incumbent.
Good or Bad Thing: It's good to keep up with the news on Planet Lucero, and the guy's re-election is just the thing to keep us informed, over and over again, soundbite after loopy soundbite.

District 4:

Winner: Marty Esquivel
Why: This is the toughest race to judge, but my total guess is that Esquivel wins out over Pauline Nunez for no other reason than he's a slick dude with smarts, panache and a politician's twinkle in his eye.
Good or Bad Thing: I have to admit I'm generally not one for politician eye twinkling, but if any organization on planet Earth needs a bit more panache it's the Albuquerque Public School Board. I wouldn't be surprised if Esquivel uses this seat to get somewhere else politically in the not-too-distant future. I'm still not convinced that's a good thing, either.

Best Supporting Actors Awards:

Mill Levy: For
It's not an exciting mill levy, full of dinky gym floor improvements and new ugly-ass barracks to replace the old ugly-ass ones, but hey, it's a public school mill you vote for it, right?
Good or Bad Thing: It's a public school mill levy for Christ's sake! Uh, I think that makes it a good thing, or maybe that's just me as a public school teacher talking.

Babble's Favorite Candidate: Charles MacQuigg, District 4
Why: What other candidate has written approx. 15 comments to Burque Babble in recent weeks?

Most Educationally Overqualified Candidate: CNM Board Candidate Penny Holbrook
Why: She went to Philips Academy Andover and Vassar College. I believe the annual individual tuition at these schools is roughly equivalent to that paid by the entire CNM student body. For their entire educational career at CNM. With plenty left over for beers and pizza at Brickyard.

Remember everybody: Vote! Or you'll feel guilty! And shamed! Don't forget shamed!

P.S.: Hooray for the ABQ City Council last night passing a cellphone ban for drivers! Yes, there are enforcement issues, and yes there are other dangerous driver issues...but something has to be done. Something has to be done before I personally walk up to the offending cellphoning driver at a red light, rip the phone out of their hand and smash it against the nearest pavement/light standard/skull. I hate to be policing the stupidity of others, but in this regard better for some sort of governmental policing than roving bands of vigilante cellphone smashers (i.e., me) doing the work.


Ched MacQuigg said...

#16 i guess; i apologize that i am intruding on your personal space; and others as well.

i am curious that know one will stand on the record on the following issue.

should public service and by extension, the administration of the aps, be absolutely transparent?

should public servants and by extension, the administration of the aps, be accountable to a meaningful standard of conduct? accountable under a system overwhich they have no control; and even against their will?

my interest was in trying to get that issue in front of voters.

it is apparent that i have failed.

i have succeeded only in being trivialized and malaigned and ignored by the media which is at the very least "ignoring" the whole issue of accountability in the aps.

every generation expects the next to be the first to hold itself honestly accountable to a meaningful standard of conduct.

it is why every generation tells the next generation the story about george washington and the cherry tree. and the expecting them to ignore example that is set for them.

someone else wrote that, we should not be so worried that our children are not listening to us, as we should be worried that they are watching us.

if, a surprisingly big "if", we really want students to hold themselves honestly accountable to a meaningful standard of conduct:

then we have to show them what it looks like.

i challenge you not to agree with me or to rebut me. i challenge you to take a stand on the record.

should there be an immediate impartial audit of the administrative competence of the public service and servants in the leadership of the aps?

i'm am posting this a comment only because i don't have an email address for you.

you may treat it as an email or as a comment (on or off the record); as you wish.


frannyzoo said...

Mr. Macquigg: Quite the opposite, your comments are more than welcome as are all comments. Comments are an important part of all blogs in general, and the more obscure ones like Burque Babble in particular. I appreciate your comments, your campaign and wish you the best in today's election.

Ched MacQuigg said...

thank you very much