Thursday, August 23, 2007

Elegy, And Thanks, For a "Water Feature"

I could try to give a report on all the hallucinogenic sights and sounds I experienced over the course of a rather strong four-day cold that seems on the wane (and, as a side-effect, seems to have left me with the inability to write a coherent sentence), but really about all I remember is sleeping, groggily staring at various things and more sleeping. I think I went to work a couple of days in there, too.

About the only specific thing I remember is being feverishly splayed on the couch Monday night watching various City Councilors, advocates and opponents ramble on about a "water feature". I remember this being very funny to watch. It might have just been the cold medicine talking, but I still get a big smile on my face just thinking/saying "water feature". Try it yourself: say "water feature" five times fast. Now try to say it like you're a city planning official and you're talking at a City Council meeting and everybody is staring at you and you have to say things like "possible active recreation activities at the water feature could casting".

As mentioned above, I was in a cold/drug fugue state and don't remember the name of the poor CABQ woman who talked about "fly casting", but at least back on the splayed couch of Monday night it was roll off the couch funny to watch/listen to her.

Evidently, not everybody thought it was funny because it looks like there won't be any "fly casting" at a "water feature" installed at Balloon Fiesta Park. Pity. I see the Council voted down the "feature", the Mayor gave up on the "feature" and now we're just left with a big hole in Balloon Fiesta Park that's already been dug for the dear, still-born and now dead, "feature".

Thanks for the memories, "feature". Whenever I have a cold/flu in the future I will think of you, and the joy you brought me on a dark, hallucinogenic night. And special thanks to that unnamed CABQ planning person who talked about "fly casting". I needed a laugh to balm my achy, cough-rattled soul and you were there for me. Big time. Thanks.

And who says city government doesn't do enough to help its citizens.

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