Saturday, August 18, 2007

Wanted: Saturday Morning Anger Management Strategies

Also on Friday, board president Paula Maes, who made the motion to keep the police department status quo, said she had been misunderstood.
She said she actually recommended the adoption of the commission and the superintendent's recommendations to allow officers to carry guns.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph people. I'm taking today, Saturday, off to rub some horses' ears, and vegetate (this working four straight days in a row is murder), but just can't let the above quote pass by without comment. At the same time, I find myself pretty much incapable of comment as I am utterly awestruck by how....oh I'm looking for a word other than stupid...I want to be nicer...but I can't think of one...stupid Board President Maes appears in today's Journal story. It's embarrassing. And the APS faux cops' sick-out is embarrassing. And it's only the first week of school, for Jesus, Mary and Joseph's sake....

I gotta go pet some horses. Otherwise something is getting broken, smashed and thrown through a window here, pronto.

P.S.: Did I mention Maes is the Board President, yet? Can anybody get this woman a "Robert's Rules of Order"?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, can I borrow a horse please, or a goat will do just fine. Anything with more of a brain then the board. LOL. However, I really don't believe that they are in anyway stupid. They are sneaky, sly, manipulative demi-gods who are used to having little public intrest,thus allowing them to do whatever they want. With the Principal Shuffle (how's that working for you folks?)and Gradegate, I think the sleeping masses have awoken. They best watch their step and stop blaming their getting caught with the general public's inability to comprehend their motions. We are NOT stupid. We ARE watching. Bring back the public forum on TV!!! Can anyone say.....RECALL!

Kelsey Atherton said...

Yeah, that's grossly incompetent. Like, fantastically so. I could direct her to a half dozen fourteen year olds who know Robert's Rules better.

As for the cops 'sick-out', I'm more worried about having a cop at school who doesn't feel safe without a gun strapped to their person than I am about not having a cop at school.

Natalie said...

I was at this meeting. I think I actually heard someone say, "And this is why we need a parliamentarian."


Anonymous said...

You could always have a parliamentarian like the Texas house of Representatives. "Rule it my way and I make the rules." Talk about a farce of demoracy. And yet, nothing was done.You can always do worse, but I don't see much happening there either.

anonymous said...

Minutes of last Board meeting (recently revised)
Whereas the leadership of APS has been given over to the horse's rear end (not the one Frannyzoo is petting); Resolve: all future decisions of the board are hearby declared null and void on the Friday following. "Motion passed".