Thursday, August 09, 2007

Media Comfort Food And Coffee To-Go

Last week our "look, a shiny object!" impetuous, over-saturated media story was about a collapsed bridge. This week, we get trapped miners. Next week I'm guessing "first major hurricane of season" or the beginning of "Alex Rodriguez chases Bonds HR record" if nothing blows up or blows into the country.

Anything but Iraq. We're fatigued about that, quite obviously. One wonders how fatigued the people of Iraq are about Iraq at this point.

Meanwhile, speaking of fatigue, I'm sitting in the dark, blearily typing with one hand while ingesting coffee at high-speed using the other. Thanks to the reader who mentioned the "caffeinated soap". That would mean faster typing (for many reasons) and I love the idea of turning a bath into a multitasking experience. The adjustment from life of summer leisure to life of schoolyear high-speed coffee ingestion in the dark continues.

And speaking of trapped miners, it's interesting to note (at least to me) that unlike last week's over-saturated bridge story and its concomitant "We've got to fix all the bridges!" stories/action, no one is writing or suggesting that "We've got to stop using coal!" or "We've got to expand solar/wind and maybe even nuclear energy development!" No, it's just too bad about those miners, and how fast can that drill go in and save 'em, and maybe this story can hold on until the hurricane kicks up in the Atlantic.

Oh well, back to the high-speed ingestion Look, a pink VW Beetle!


michelle meaders said...

Are they even talking about "Let's improve mine safety"?

Kelsey Atherton said...

What, viable alternative energy with less lives lost obatining it? thats preposterous!