Monday, October 29, 2007

The Baseball Good, The Music News Bad & The Politically Ugly

The Baseball Good

Sure, they're the New Yankees, but the Red Sox win seven in a row to go from 3-1 down to the maliciously mascoted Indians to sweeping the World Series against the overly overt Christian Rockies. Manny can be Manny all he wants in my book, even down to adjusting his cap while he leisurely chases down balls hit over his head. Evil Empire now has a new name...nah, the Yankees have been and always will be the Evil Empire. Even if they go back to signing Danny Tartabull and end up 60-102 next year.

The Music News Bad

Growing up watching Porter Wagoner sing with Dolly Parton between the duo's online testimonials for "Breeze Detergent" ("they're a free towel inside every box of Breeze!"), I was convinced Porter Wagoner was the definitively bad musical personality, worse even than Donny Osmond. Then I grew up and realized how good bad music could be, and that maybe the sublime was was actually IN the ridiculous. R.I.P. Porter. And no, I don't think Donny Osmond's passing is going to be mentioned at Burque Babble.

The Politically Ugly

Is there really any doubt that Marty Chavez is the singular current politician who would do absolutely ANYTHING to get elected? I know there are many unethical politicians. Hell, the phrase "unethical politicians" is about as redundant as you can get. But does anyone doubt that Chavez really has NO boundaries when it comes to how low he would go to get what he wants (i.e., win a U.S. Senate seat?)

Hell, making up who's on his campaign is morally nothing to this guy. He's willing to go much, much lower than that. I can't even see a moral bottom to Marty Chavez, now that I think about it. He's the perfect 21st Century Democrat, positioning himself as "electable" while offering no leadership or ideas, and quicker than any Republican to denigrate any real Democratic opposition as "liberal". Gee, he'd fit right in with the current Democratic leadership in Washington.

What a.....jerk. He's like our own little Evil Empire wannabe right here in the Land of Enchantment. All he needs now is a Yankees cap.

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history said...

Can you give an example of the overly overt Christianity of the Rockies. I've heard people mention this, but I haven't seen or heard any examples of it. Is it their self-sacrifice? Their work with charities? Devotion to their families? Do they pray before or after games? And to help me see the difference, what is a properly overt Christian?