Friday, October 05, 2007

Test Scores, Domenici, Balloons and Cubs: A Thorough Non-Report

In what is sure to be a successful attempt to drive down Burque Babble readership, I want to switch gears from Domenici retires and Marty is evil and all that, and instead make my annual rant about the newly released disaggregated public school standardized test data.

But that data hasn't been publicly released yet. At least I can't find it on the NM Public Education Department site. Ranting unfortunately delayed. Your disappointment must be crushing.

Speaking of crushed, the staff at my school was treated yesterday morning to a "debrief" about the test numbers for our place. I'll hold off on specifics (and some of them are pretty funny) until I have some links for y'all to look at, but can report that the mood of teacher's listening to the presentation was a mix of "mob storming Frankenstein's castle" and "refugees boarding helicopters to escape their homeland". Bitter resignation amid stridently expressed polemics. The meeting just could not end fast enough.

While we sit around waiting for statewide specifics we could chew the fat about Domenici, Wilson, Marty, some guy named Wiviott (the spelling of whose name I am still quite unsure of), no-Udall and all that, but you can find that just about anywhere in Blogland these days, and done much more authoritatively/insightfully (heck, I can't even get a Don Harris recall vote right...although I did nail the big-ass "NO" on raising City Councilor's pay).

Instead I'll just meekly close for now with a link to this year's version of the "I Don't Heart The Balloon Fiesta" post (the 3rd Annual), this time via the Albuquerque Tribune. I have already been asked by a few fellow Trib-reading teachers at work "how can you not like the Balloon Fiesta?" in a strident, outraged voice normally reserved for test score "debrief" sessions or students missing their homework. Teachers...a whiny lot, ain't they?

Sort of reminds me of Chicago Cubs fans....enjoy the Balloons (if that's your idea of fun) and the weekend, everybody.


Natalie said...

I read your article in the Trib and it cracked me up. That is... until I was driving to work yesterday and the clog that is I-40 made me late for work. It took me an hour to drive over the freakin' river. You may say that's my fault for living on the westside... and you could be right.

This time of year elicits an entirely new thought process regarding driving on our roads. Usually, I am ever-vigilent and defensive, while driving to work at 4:30 in the morning. Yesterday, a big-ass, black, SUV changed lanes while going about 80 mph, didn't use her signal, and just about plowed right into me.

She was on her cellphone... looking up across the river at the purty balloons.

Let the games begin... and the doggy-downers aren't such a bad idea!

Dave said...

I cannot believe I never connected this. I just realized that the author of this blog that I read often is the Scot Key I read in the Tribune.

I loathe Balloon Fiesta!!!

history said...

Teachers and cub fans look forward to the new season with a "we'll get-um this year" optimism in spite of flat line results and past failures. They show up for every game, or class regardless of the chances of "winning" and even find a way to praise the least bit of progress made. In short, the best fans/professonals in the world (da da da da da da-----CHARGE!)