Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Emperor Marty's New Clothes, Same As The Old Clothes

Mayor Marty Chavez must not like suit jackets, because he sure as heck doesn't have any Coattails.

P.S.: As noted below in comments, the original version of the "joke" was "MC must only wear vests,..."

I'm torn between the two versions. Maybe I should put up a poll to decide, or better yet, ask readers to come up with their own Marty jibe. Extra points if submissions can somehow insert a congratulatory reference to Don Harris.

P.P.S.: Joanie Griffin joke cocktail: Combine the terms "Joanie Griffin Campaign: 2007", "old Las Vegas Casino" and "implosion". Shake vigorously. Pour through obscenity strainer and serve below.


Scott said...

Caught the vest version on a reader and it damn near cost me a keyboard. Always picture him as perpetually attired in a long trench coat with a lot of secretly sewn pockets. His new attire most likely will be sleeveless with no tails, hopefully like an old early generation pile vest that ran through a wash and dry cycle. Perhaps a little shrinkage will lead to some transparency. He's gotta be getting a sense that his tactics are getting a lot more scrutiny than they used to.

Kelsey Atherton said...

Kevin Wilson beat out Joanie? Of course, Rey takes the seat, but not even second place for Joanie. Wow.

This can only be because of the "Abbey Road" ad

Phil said...

Like Rey, Kevin's been an active and obvious member of the District 6 community for decades. He's on the Nob Hill Neighborhood Association board, for gosh sakes. I think one of the (many) things that hurt Griffin was a lack of clear ties to the neighborhood relative to the other two candidates. I also think future D6 candidates should question the wisdom of trying to run to the right of a progressive when there are actual Republicans in the race.