Friday, October 12, 2007

Other Voices, Other Sounds (Puget)

Enough droning on this week. I tend to not link other stuff terribly often, assuming that the fine readers out there have probably already checked out many, many things before heading over to the wasteland known as Burque Babble. But here's a few tidbits of possible interest:

  • Tomorrow is the memorial ride for James Quinn. I'm making my black armband later today. The Journal has the press release and a few quotes.
  • If you don't know who Michelle Lujan Grisham is (and the membership of the "I Don't Know Who Michelle Lujan Grisham Is Club" must be fairly large) DemocracyforNewMexico has a good write-up. It includes names like John Wertheim (insert shuddering sound here).
  • As you doubtlessly know, Duke City Fix has a "Flying Star" post with (at blog posting time) 72 comments. 72. And now it has me mentioning the post and the comments. "Flying Star" is the ultimate viral Internet reference in Albuquerque. All we need now is a YouTube mentioning the place.
  • This is a link to Doug Turner's "About" page at his PR firm "dwturner". I'm a teacher (not a dress-up job), but I wonder how many business people in ABQ wear ties as large and loud as Mr. Turner dons in his photo. I know this look is popular now in more trendy areas, but I thought our local law enforcement officials had been successful in preventing its spread here. I could be wrong.
  • Of course Turner and his partner are trying to buy the Albuquerque Tribune. I noticed a few folks have gotten the idea that because I write a little something for the Trib every other week or so I might have some knowledge about the paper, and its future. I apologize to those I've openly laughed at in response to their questions along these lines. I know almost as little as is humanly possible about the Trib. The logo is blue and I think it still costs 50 cents....okay that sums up my knowledge. Anyway, I do find the possible sale interesting, and I also ran across this outfit up in Seattle trying to save its second newspaper (also part of a "JOA") called "Committee For A Two-Newspaper Town".
  • Man, those are some industrious folks up in Seattle. And now the NYTimes tells us Seattle is expanding its recycling program to include table scraps. I used to live there, but almost 15 years in ABQ has me reading stories about Seattle's recycling program and wondering if the Emerald City is in the same country as Albuquerque. Or the same planet.
Meanwhile, I got some breakfast table scraps to throw in the trash, a job to get to, and an armband to make. Have a good weekend, everybody. Maybe I'll see you on the memorial ride Saturday.

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Anonymous said...

Your Democracy for New Mexico link is pointing to the Journal, FYI.