Monday, December 03, 2007

...And The Horse Anybody, Anywhere Rode In On

Is it just me, or is our entire nation in the pissiest mood since "Laugh-In" was canceled? Everywhere I look people are beyond simple anger, leaps beyond snippy and moving directly into outraged and irate.

Maybe it's the intra-holiday period, made longer by an early Thanksgiving. Maybe Seasonal Adjustment Disorder has entered a new, larger, surlier phase in the days of record global warmth. Maybe we're all just mad because we can't afford to buy ourselves any presents this year.

Whatever the reason, I can't seem to go anywhere without crazy mad drivers, colleagues, blogposters, non-colleagues, older people, younger people...

and especially tonight's City Council meeting. As Dan McKay posted at ABQJournal earlier this evening, four Councilors aren't even at the meeting because they're mad at another Councilor who "repeatedly backed out of committments on who he or she would support" as next Council President.

I turned on for some juicy viewing, and Debbie O'Malley (always fun to watch for her snippy asides) was so snippy even I was cringing and had to turn the channel to ESPN's 987th rerun of the "The World's Strongest Man" contest on ESPN. And yes, all the Strongest Men candidates looked angry, too.

Okay, it wasn't actually the "World's Strongest Man" show, it was a college basketball game involving a team called Wofford. Man, you guys are so nit-picky snippy these days.

By the way, where's Wofford? Remember the old days, pre-Internet, where someone could bring up a school like Wofford to you and you'd spend three solid days obsessing about where the school was located and/or what its mascot must be. Now, it takes about four seconds to resolve the obsession.

But has this made us any happier? Can anything other than a long solid vacation at this point?


history said...

3 ways I hope to stop the joy-stealing this holiday season:
1."Act Local"; I'm going to give a pint of blood today which might reduce some of the overall pissed-offedness in the city.
2.To reduce road rage I also vow to ride my bike to work on the bike path as far away from traffic as possible. BTW, a group of motorists actually stopped for me at a bike crossing yesterday dispelling some of your accusation, although the thought crossed my mind that it might just be a ploy to lure me out into traffic.
3.I will close my door during my prep and listen to Clifford Brown and Max Roach "Daahoud" and of course, "Joy Spring". It may have no effect on anyone else, but it sure can lift my mood.

WSL WallStreetLoco said...

So where is your blog commentary on the public schools? I was looking for some real snappy and fire breathing comments on the spineless school district we have here in town, along with the abusive and clueless principals that lead this charge into the abyss.

Who's the Real Dummy has to have a sequel.