Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Worse than a Jay Leno Rerun, ur "Classic"

Yes, we've been forced to this. A cross-posting of something I think is in today's Tribune. Oh, the ignominy! Burque Babble apologizes for its laziness and dereliction of duty. I have some excuses ready to offer, some of which are even partially true, but will dispense with "Andy Pettitte says he only did HGH two times and if that's wrong, well he's sorry" non-apology apologies, and just copy/paste the damn thing.

Lazy cross-posting begins now....

All Hail the New Mexico Bowl! (or some cheesy headline like that)

I want to start by welcoming all the many visitors as well as national and international press eagerly thronging our fine city to attend the hotly contested “New Mexico Bowl” this Saturday. I know the big game is still a few days off, but with all the hype of an epic post-season contest like this it’s a sure bet every sportswriter and ticket scalper in the nation has already made the Duke City their temporary home.

The game has already made big news around the country, with various sports pundits ranking the New Mexico Bowl anywhere from 29th to 32nd in importance and excitement out of the 32 ultra-compelling collegiate clashes over the next few weeks.

That’s high praise when you consider the New Mexico Bowl is competing with pivotal match-ups such as Florida Atlantic v. Memphis in the “New Orleans Bowl” and the scintillating Colorado/Alabama battle of 6-6 teams at the “Independence Bowl” in beautiful, exotic Shreveport, Louisiana.

Of course the real treat locally is that rabid fans of the New Mexico Lobos (who rabidly attended the last UNM home game to the tune of filling half the stadium) will get to drive only a few short miles to attend the game, unless the weather is chilly or the wind is blowing or it’s cloudy or they need to buy some holiday presents or do laundry.

Besides, being the ultra-important game it is, the New Mexico Bowl will be on national television, watched by untold hundreds of gambling addicted ESPN junkies who would gladly watch Don Schrader if he appeared on national television and they could bet on how many times he said the word “urine”.

After having almost defeated the football powerhouse San Jose State last year, this go-round the Lobos tackle another gridiron legend, the Nevada Wolf Pack. Yes, it’s Lobos v. Wolf Pack. Wow, is that interesting! It’s like the teams have the same mascot or something!

A coincidence like that can only add to the interest of the game in the same way those chirpy TV sideline reporters can when they mention 45,000 times during the upcoming telecast that UNM hasn’t won a bowl game since 1961. Or that UNM basically invented a bowl game in a cheesy attempt to finally play someone they could beat and have people stop saying things like “UNM hasn’t won a bowl game since 1961”.

Not only that, but UNM hasn’t played Nevada since 1942. Fascinating! And chock full of historical significance. Facts like these will doubtlessly add a historical context making this year’s New Mexico Bowl one long remembered by fans and creepy lovers of obscure factoids alike, at least until the playing of the tremendously important “Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl” later on Saturday.

So, welcome college football fans and media from around the world and welcome to the 2007 New Mexico Bowl! Be sure to also attend the world-famous “New Mexico Bowl Parade”, featuring a ‘61 Studebaker festooned with chile ristras as it weaves its way from Coach’s Sports Bar to University Stadium prior to the game. Unless it’s chilly or windy or cloudy, in which case we’ll just watch the game on TV at the bar.

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