Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Best Email We've All Gotten In a While

From: Guild Cinema
Date: Dec 1 2007 1:17 P.M.
subject: Pornotopia-the show goes on


We have been advised by the ACLU that we may CONTINUE WITH
OURFESTIVAL. A hearing to review our case will occur on Monday,
sowhile we are not out of the woods as yet and we may still face fines
and potential jail time, we WILL go on with the show.

Hmm, we thought the USA had come to its senses about what
consenting adults can do and see, if they wish, in these 40 years
since Lenny Bruce's obscenity trials.....

Our web site, and our phone message, will be updated with any further

THANK YOU for your continued support!

- Peter & Keif / The Guild Cinema


No, I wasn't planning on going to this Festival. Yes, I'd rather the Guild was showing that fairly new Donkey Kong documentary that isn't out on DVD yet. But thanks to "local authorities", I now wouldn't mind if "Pornotopia" was held every day of every week of every year at the Guild. Even better would be if the fairly new Donkey Kong documentary could be considered part of this ongoing "Pornotopia", with Donkey Kong sex scenes added along with slavish licking of the game screen and controllers.

Those "local authorities" aren't just good at telling everyone else what they should be allowed to see, hear, perform, they're damn good promotional people! Marketing gurus extraordinaire! Thanks "local authorities" for helping make "Pornotopia" the success it will now surely be.

Peter and Keif could probably use the same treatment with the upcoming Joe Strummer documentary. Did you know, "local authorities" that Strummer was....A SOCIALIST!!! Or did you know, "local authorities" that the Guild's upcoming "King Corn" documentary says scandalous things about high-fructose corn syrup? Or that corn is a monocotyledon plant which sounds obscene and surely has something to do with sex? Plus, I think there is a sex scene in "King Corn" involving either fructose, corn or both.

Speaking of Peter and Kief, maybe if the "local authorities" follow through with their threats of fines and jail time we can set up a defense fund, fine payment collective or even offer to serve some of their jail time. Or maybe we could just stop forgetting (me included) about the vital service the Guild provides us and stop taking the place for granted. Good on ya, Peter and Kief, and thanks to the ACLU (I'd almost forgotten you existed, too....) as well.

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michelle meaders said...

Every time I go to the Guild I think about how helpful it would be to have a "Friends of the Guild" to raise money for things they need. Maybe this will be what starts it!