Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Problems We Never Have To See

Hey, did I miss anything? I think my hibernation is just about over. Once I can clear out all the sleep boogers from my eyes I'm gonna turn on this here computer and start wasting folks' time again.

But after looking at this, maybe I should leave the sleep boogers alone...

The photo by Seattle Times photojournalist Steve Ringman showing the result of timber clear-cut + big rainstorm reminds us down here in the largely treeless Southwest that all that photocopying we do comes from some place. Ringman's photo looks to be having something of an impact on folks up Seattle way. Having driven by many a clear-cut as a resident of Washington State back in the 80s-90s, I can tell you there might be no uglier man-made thing than a clearcut.

Well, there was the Copper Queen Mine down in Bisbee:

Nope, clear-cut still got that beat. Oh well, time to go make a bunch of copies for class tomorrow.

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Natalie said...

Many moons ago (1987), I moved from ABQ to Arizona for a job in Sierra Vista. I lived in Bisbee for about a year. Because of the direction I came into town, I didn't see the "pit" for the first two months I lived there. I will never, ever forget the day when I finally saw it!
All I could say was,
"Oh. My. God! Such a rape of the land..."
And then I went on and on about how horrible it was, etc... It's really a sight to see and a reminder of what we do to and for our precious resources. Nothin' like a good smelt plant (is that what it's called?) to clear your senses and sinuses.
The first time I saw clear-cutting was on a train trip from California to Oregon. I was appalled.
Ignorance is bliss until you aren't ignorant anymore. I couldn't believe it.
Such is the price we all pay...
Coyote Ugly.