Sunday, April 06, 2008

And This Is a Picture of Vietnam From the Side of the House

A few folks who drop by here from time to time have asked me "How was Vietnam?". In lieu of didactic prose on the subject, my wife has put together a Picasa album of our recent trip.

Yes, I know this is cheesy and in some ways worse that inviting everyone to my house for a slide presentation and servings of Velveeta on Ritz Crackers. Still, at least, unlike a slideshow "party" you can leave this one whenever you want without fear of committing some sort of social gaffe. I won't mind.

If you want, you can pretend while watching the slide show that I am droning on in a bad lecturer voice things like "Vietnam is a country undergoing incredible social and economic changes that are plunging it headlong into a future of cultural uncertainty". You know, stuff like that.


Kelsey Atherton said...

That was a really good photoset. Amusing in a way that is probably more poignant for others was the "things they carry" refrain.

Randolf said...

Great photos! I now really, really want to travel to Vietnam.

Steve said...

It usually doesn't pay to ask you what you do on your various travels, so say thanks to Emily for the pictures--nice slice of life. Traveling in Vietnam is one of those things that just seems surreal in the context of growing up during the war. But, a generation passes and a new one gets to recreate the world (hopefully).