Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Most Un-Civil War: Liberals and Clinton/Obama

The Clinton/Obama race has claimed at least one victim. Me. One wonders if it hasn't already claimed us all as victims, everybody except those in the immediate McCain family, but I'm referring to the fact that it certainly seems as though a long-time friendship of mine has ended because of this whole Clinton/Obama thing.

Oh sure, there's way more to it than that. There always is. Still, a rather sizable difference in opinion regarding Hillary Clinton (Friend: Hillary good candidate, better than Obama; Me: Hillary worse than not good candidate, Obama much better) started as a debate, then went to argument and finally to thermonuclear verbal warfare. Oh well.

I'm never comfortable getting truly personal in this here blog thing. Griping about my job is one thing, heck everybody does that, but talking about real "feelings" tend to creep me out. Consider me slightly creeped out now.

Nevertheless, I mention the little brouhaha here because I wonder how many incidents of falling-out are occurring around this greatly confused country of ours as the Clinton/Obama battle wearily wages forth.

How many good liberal friends are figuratively strangling each other over this drain-circling shitstorm? And how much of this strangling is based on a frustratingly simple "she a woman, he's a black guy" line of rhetoric?

It seems much longer, but it was only a very few months back we liberals were ecstatic that our choice to topple eight years of surrealistic nightmare would come down to deciding between a person of color and a woman. We would deservedly, given our recent political Hell, get the chance to mark 2008 as the year we helped elect the first ______ President.

Now, exhibiting the best in pre MLK/Billy Jean King sexism/racism, we've reduced ourselves to conversations/arguments better suited to a John Birch rally than a friendly dinner table. Or poker table in some cases.

This little blog thing has always used as its informal "motto" the H.L. Mencken sentiment that one can "never go broke underestimating the taste of the American public".

Instead of racial advancement and sexual equality, liberal political taste right now runs toward the letting of blood and group-immolation.

We're like one of those morally sick "reality shows" on television, conniving and backstabbing each other to supposedly "win", when it's perfectly clear than a continuation of this behavior will leave us "The Biggest Loser".


Natalie said...

I've gotten to the point where I won't even talk about it, anymore. I'll rail on McCain but I don't want to talk about the crap going on between the Democrats.
My politics just got personal... and, my friend, secret squirrel isn't going to give anything away.
Where's Mr. Peabody when you really need him?

Anonymous said...

You libs have given us a choice between the Sniper Fire Liar and Mr. Listens to Racists. And then you wonder why everyone is laughing at you and you're catfighting amongst yourselves constantly?

Anonymous said...

I think what helps me is that I can't stand any of them. Mr. "more of the same" vs. socialism. It all sucks! So I'm not really offended when discussing it.

I can listen to people for days - asking questions - trying to find out why they chose ?, just so I can try to come to a decision myself. But I never walk away feeling convinced. No one has given any clear cut reason on why they chose one over the other. Some people don't even decide based on issues, just their gut.

Quite often, I find I know more about the candidate than they do.


Anonymous said...

I think Biden & Romney ought to get back in the race.

libhom said...

I'm amazed that there are any liberals left who support a rightwing whackjob like Hillary Clinton.

When I found out Clinton is a militant Christian fundamentalist, it explained so much about her.

Steve said...

Never sacrifice a friendship over a political race. Neither candidate will save us, but good friends might.