Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Let Me Tell You Sometime About Growing Up In That Blob of Red

Illinois State Representative Monique Davis and her anti-atheist rant of a few days back has elicited reaction around the "Net, and it got me to thinking about a map I saw a while back on one of my favorite websites, the newly Babble-linked "Strangemaps". Above is a small version of a map entitled, "Leading Church Bodies, 2000". Perhaps it's the nature of maps, inherently cool things that they are, but there is just so much that can be thought/said about this one.

My favorite tidbit is that in the very rare "Other" category there is evidently at least one county in "Other" called: "#9 None". And because of the font size of this/these very small #9s I can't find it/them. And I've tried in MS Paint and Irfanview (I admit my palette of graphics program is near-monochromatic). Can you spot a "None" county? Maybe Illinois State Representative Monique Davis needs to know about this "None" county and take appropriate ranting action.

P.S.: The very same fantastic wife who created the travel photoset linked a few days ago (see below) spent several hours last night creating a homemade rendition of that Northern Vietnamese breakfast staple Pho (sorry, accenting missing) last night. Breakfast this morning is truly wonderful thing (isn't any breakfast that allows you to use Sriracha a wonderful thing?). Hmmm...I didn't see any U.S. counties with "Buddhist" as the leading church. Maybe Pho for breakfast could spread that particular gospel.

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history said...

The only place that looks like a
"9" is on the Texas side of the border just below the southeast corner of New Mexico. I wonder if "none" might actually be some neo nazi survivalist cult, or polygamous sect, rather than your much sought after atheist majority county.
God bless you and your blog.