Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Stories We Just Don't Have Time To Sneeze At

"We're not trying to suppress dissension or criticism," he said. "We're just trying to find out where it's coming from."
-Eclipse Aviation CEO Vern Raburn on trying to find out the identity of commenters to blog posts about his company, Albuquerque Journal, 4.22.08

I'd love to opine sophomorically on the above quote, the microscopic thinness of the veil over the threat, and what it all means for blogging, airplane manufacturing and the future of the Free World. But we're far too busy over at our faux farm wrestling colds and harvesting allergies. And feeding the occasional goat between the sneezes.

So stories are getting left behind, stories like:
  • Principal Reshuffle 2007: The One-Year Report. An update of how things are going at those schools that were supposed to be helped by having good principals sent to bad schools. Or was it bad principals to bad schools? Or was it one warm body exchanging offices with another warm body? And were the bodies really all that warm?
  • High School Block Schedules: Joke or Really Cruel Joke? An in-depth analysis of the 137 different types of block schedules put in place at local high schools, and moves by some in the district to streamline all of them into the "bestest" one, and make all schools follow it. In other news, some in APS seek to build a 3000-mile, 50-foot tall "Great Wall of Education" using spitwads.
  • The Dreaded State Visit. See the school cower as "somebody from the State" supposedly visits the campus. See teachers frantically put up "standards and benchmarks" all over the classroom in a failed attempt to dupe the "somebody" into thinking anyone really knows or cares about said "standards and benchmarks". Hear the rumor mill in action as teachers try to surreptitiously tell each other where the "somebody" is ("I think I saw somebody in a suit over by the portables....pass it on.")
But alas, I have to go sneeze and feed a goat. And then sneeze. And then I have to slap "benchmarks and standards" all over the poster of Richard Nixon bowling that hangs in my classroom. Teaching requires such dedication.

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Joseph Lopez said...

I remember being one of the check off boxes on the State Department Auditor's list. The Hoover and Wilson principals were direct - asked me to PLEASE come by and I would get a comped lunch?

Some others had no damn idea that a visit by security or school police was a criteria on the list, something the school itself could not control but had to make sure happened anyways...

But I got fat from free lunches for a while, then the list must have changed or I was more in the supervisory arena, not dealing with the day to day of principals informally requesting you patrol at your local feeder middle schools with a quick call to the local high school detective.

Principals hated calling the APS Police Dispatcher, it would generate a statistic for the Safe School report, but calling Joe at Eldorado, that was just a friendly visit with no report attached if nothing happened that REQUIRED a report.

May I ask that your more Spartan of students use spitwads and dead cockroaches to build the "Wall of Education", like in 300, but on a much less grand and in a slightly less grotesque fashion? I know from experience that you can go to Highland on any Summer Night and find ALL the cockroaches you need in the scary basement, FREE!

My patrol car would be a SafeHaven for political cockroach refugees, and I would take them to Eldorado, so much NICER there! Like a cockroach protection program.