Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Wednesday Links: Marty's New Feudalism

I'm still catching up on things after my trip. For instance, I just learned (gasp!) that Bill Richardson (wow!) just up and backed Obama (yowza!), even after he watched the Super Bowl with Senator Clinton's husband! Oh, the humanity!

They watched the Super Bowl together and then that traitorous, football watching, Doritos eating weirdly bearded guy dumps on his male bonding sofa-mate and his there no loyalty amongst politicians? What can we count on in this world if we cannot count on mafia members politicians to stay loyal to one another?

(insert picture here of Big Bill and Bigger Bill watching football that Scot cannot find because he is lazy and seems to be down this early morning)

But that's old news, even if James Carville might just turn the (shocking!) disloyalty into a career-extending job playing the Claude Rains role in a remake of Casablanca. Carville is truly shocked that disloyalty is going on in the Democratic Party. Methinks he not only protests too much, but would look pretty interesting in a Vichy French officer's hat and silly mustache.

But, again, enough ancient news, because, in more recent shocking news that I also missed, Feudal Prince Marty Chavez has received the self-generated Royal Decree that he can "run" for Mayor in the same way that Julius Caesar ran for Emperor, but with fewer purple robes and more pastel sweaters and ties.

In case you didn't already see it, here's the Feudal Prince Self-Purported-Emperor-For-Life story told:
  • Simply and with sprawl developer comment at fbihop
  • More pointedly (and with excellent use of the word "alcalde") at the sharply pointed EyeOnAlbuquerque
  • Surely told with wit, insight and importance at JoeMonahan (although, being true to my no-Monahan diet, I didn't even read the thing, but did notice the number of ads is nearing 100. You go, political whore Joe!)
  • Love the crown at SWOP
  • And, amid the April Fools' colors of Duke City Fix, "the boy" starts a conversation that still hasn't fulfilled Godwin's Law...yet.
Perhaps a corollary to Godwin can be constructed. Let's call it "Marty's Law" and say that "As an Albuquerque-based internet discussion on Marty Chavez grows longer, the probability of a reference to feudalism and/or other outdated undemocratic political structures and their overly self-important functionaries approaches one. Maybe it even starts at one and goes to two, three and beyond."

Or to misquote Stephen Stills: "If you can't be with the office you love, honey, own the office you're with, own the office you with, own the office you're with, own the office you're with".
Do do do do do do do do, do do do do do do do do
Do do do do do do do do, do do do, do do do

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