Wednesday, February 22, 2006

And Here's a Photo of the Front, Left Side of the House, Looking From the Street

We've been getting too serious around here lately. Time to stop focusing on cartoon protests and ridiculous uses of taxpayer money and get to what's real. As in really bad web sites. Remember "Mirsky's Worst of the Web (WOTW)"? Those who've been 'Net surfing since the mid-90s may remember that WOTW was one of the most popular humor sites at a time before The Onion, The Borowitz Report, or even Google (whatever happened to Altavista?). A primitive, anarchical time in which a guy could have a popular site simply by looking at a bunch of web sites everyday and posting a link to the stuipidest one. And that's what Mirsky did.

It helped that in those days hundreds, then thousands, then millions of people around the world we're getting hooked on the web, and finding out they could create vanity pages about any insipid, non-publication ready topic they could think of, usually themselves and their babies. So a huge slab of folks were all learning HTML simultaneously and sharing their jags of daily learning with the world. The learning was uneven and largely served to prove that most people are aesthetically deprived and extremely self-centered.

It was a great time. Really. And Philip Mirsky, whomever that was/is, brought the nadir of the ever-evolving world collection of flashing text, midi file embedded, baby picture loaded badness to us. And you gotta believe there was alot of bad to share.

In doing some checking I found that there is now a "Worst of the Web" site, but it's not even close to the original. A few others are also keeping up the eternal hunt for badness and it is from one of these places that I found a candidate that really brings back the uber-awfulness of pages from the mid-90s in a way I haven't seen in ages. It just about brings a nostalgic tear to my eye looking at the Hudson Valley Youth Soccer League's Internet Site.

In case you missed it, here it is again: The Hudson Valley Youth Soccer League's Internet Site.

Hey Ol' 'Nettimers, doesn't that page bring back some memories? Good awful times, my man, good awful times. I especially like that you have to click on the Twin Towers to get to the League Schedule page, not to mention the soccerball turning into Santa Claus rollover.

I wonder if Ruby Montana's is ever gonna start selling these pages? Ruby's knows kitsch and Hudson Valley Youth Soccer League's Internet Site is kitsch at its finest. You mean Ruby's closed?!? Man, I'm getting old. And I'm making obscure references like some old guy mumbling at a busstop. At least I have Hudson Valley Youth Soccer League's Internet Site. That's all I really need. Hey, can I get some change for the bus?

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