Monday, February 06, 2006

Monahan Punkd?

Update 2/6/06, 11:37 P.M: Apparently, JoeMonahan's site is working for some and not working for others. Maybe it's my Mozilla/Firefox browser, but I'm still not seeing it. And I've only checked 7.2 million times today. My operatives who have gotten into the site tell me that Mr. Monahan's most recent entry focuses on Sen. Beffort. No word yet from my operatives, code name "Team Bootlicker", on whether the Senator prefers to be called "Punky", however. Now off to go find Joe a few more thousand times before I fall exhausted and unfulfilled into a fitful slumber...

Since JoeMonahan's site is still down/hacked/"Burgosed" whatever, the state desperately needs a political gossip blog this morning. Mega exciting news is being made, such as the announcement that the Republican Party found a Lt. Gov. candidate in the fascinating Sue Wilson Beffort, but this news falls flat without Monahan's plucky zest for name dropping and Variety meets Robert Novak writing style.

And don't start looking at me, New Mexico, for this kind of stuff. All I got is this '80s hair band picture of Beffort from the state website (can anyone say "Punky Whips"?) with the proto-hip-hop arm-crossing thing. I can not tell you that I had lunch with Punky....ur, Sue Wilson, nor do I even know if she goes by Sue, Sue Wilson or Punky.

Oh, and I can make obscure Frank Zappa song references, a trait not much in call these days by those looking for political tidbits. In other words, I got nothing. But I do have a picture of Punky Meadows.

See, the resemblance isn't even that great. In this, our time of intense 30-day session need, we cry out for Joe Monahan. Joe? Where are you? Who did you meet at that cocktail party last Saturday? Is it "Sue" or "Sue Wilson"? We're beggin' ya.

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Anonymous said...

I found the same problem the past two days. Then I looked up "Joe Monahan" on A9, and found two addresses for his blog. Here is the one that works: