Monday, February 13, 2006

Natural Born Accidental Killers

News of the Vice-President accidentally shooting a hunting colleague reminds me how sick I am of...


and this

and this

and this ($$)

and all the other deaths caused by our society-wide obsession with guns. These days it's very uncool to even bring gun control up. Notice how nobody is doing so now, either nationally or in 'Burque. Guns and gun deaths are treated as nothing but unavoidable accidents, part of the price of the right to bear arms.

A story yesterday in the NY Times reports that cities around the country are noting dramatic spikes in murders over things like vital life-and-death stuff like soap dishes, cell phones and "looking at my girl the wrong way".

The story mentions that law enforcement officials cite loosening gun control laws as a factor in the increase.

I'm one of those weird leftists who doesn't trust the government much, only when it's apparent the average citizenry is too stupid to trust itself. It's crystal clear obvious that when it comes to guns folks are just plain stupid. That includes being too stupid to prevent teenagers and doddering old Vice-Presidents from having gun access.

Something needs to be done, regardless of how uncool and "old school" this sentiment sounds these days.

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Scribblista said...

I couldn't agree more...
Our gun culture is depressing and, to me at least, bizarre.
I bet historians will scratch their heads when they try to figure out how we let this happen.