Monday, February 27, 2006

A NM Green Party Clown Speaks Out: Part I

Hey Everybody! I'm the ever-kooky, irascible, often irritable NM Green Party Clown! Invite me to your next Political Party and I can make you either really, really happy or incredibly sad. But who needs invitations? Usually I just crash the 'ol two-party shindig, spreading my irresistable desire for political entropy while stamping my big feet about the unfairness of the "system".

Actually, I'm not a clown, clowns really creep me out and I hate the Circus with a passion. I am, however, a registered NM Green. Still crazy after all these years, and still just as relevantly irrevelant. I joined the merry band back in the Green Party heyday when candidates like Marvin Gladstone were pulling numbers significant enough to get us Greens "Major Party Status" while also not even coming remotely close to winning anything.

It was a heady, yet headless time back then. Not it's just pretty much headless and a complete waste of time. Yet despite our utter political flaccidity, many folks, especially hard-core Democrats, see the Green Party as an evil on par with how Stalin saw Trotsky. The mere mention of the color, or the equally evil word Nader, raises Olympic-level hackles at sites like DailyKos. We are held responsible for everything from Bush in '00 to Heather every two years.
Now Joe Monahan brings up in a recent entry that the Greens are considering a run for U.S. House #1 against Heather, but principally against the perceived-as-evil Patsy Madrid. Monahan characterizes Greens as a "dominant virus", the first time I can ever recall the word "dominant" used as an adjective to define NM Greens.

Now what about this "dominant virus"? Are we Greens still capable of infecting political races, putting Republicans in office, while leaving Democrats crippled, yelping words like "traitors", "turncoats" and "Trotsky"?

Before tackling those questions, I , just like my Green Party brethren, must now pointlessly leave you at this time. But later today I hope to outline why I am still a Green, what advantages being a Green has in social situations, and the up-to-now secret Green Party handshake. Be sure to bring your decoder rings and wear your patchouli.

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