Monday, September 10, 2007

It's Getting Harder To Be a Geek In The City

First it was Intel laying off a bunch of folks. Since then, the announcements have been tough for the geekier among us:

Of course, not all these jobs are in the critical "geek sector", but it does seem nerds are being slammed here disproportionately. What impact will this have on the city? Are these geeks the ABQ canary in the economic Utah coal mine? How will this affect sales of sensible, highly efficient automobiles and USB jump drives in the city?

And lest anyone get the impression I'm laughing at these people, and/or ridiculing geeks in general, let it be known that I'm one of the geekiest people I know. Hell, I have a "blog". How much nerdier can you get? I'm just concerned for my geeky brethren and my questions are serious (if poorly crafted) ones.

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