Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Oklahoma, Where the Worst Darn Senators Rule The Plains

I have a good friend from Oklahoma, and I'm always giving him a hard time about the two Senators from Boomer Sooner Land, Coburn and Inhofe. Can any state in the Union claim to have anywhere near as bad a tag-team sack o' Senatorial suck as that duo?

I finally bring these bozos up here after reading a quote from Sen. Coburn in the New York Times tonight regarding a Native American cultural center that was half-established in South Dakota (read the story for the convoluted details). Anyway, Coburn had this to say in response to the idea of "cultural centers":

“We don’t need any more cultural centers,” Mr. Coburn said. “We’re fighting a war; why should we be spending any more on a cultural center?”

Uh, because if you spend money to....oh, never mind Sen. Coburn, never mind.

Being an Oklahoman and having these guys "represent" you must be like having Lionel Hutz as your defense attorney, only more expensive and less plausible.

P.S.: Man, do I miss Phil Hartman.

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Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the good ol' days when Oklahoma had senators like Robert L. Owen, the namesake of my elementary school in Tulsa. In the words of Oklahoma's premier historian Angie Debo, Owen was one of the leaders of a "vast criminal conspiracy" to defraud Indians of their land and resources in an "orgy of exploitation" in the early years after statehood.