Saturday, September 22, 2007

Joanie Griffin Plays The Mistreatment of Women Card

I'm committed to a policy of taking weekends off from blogging (which, when you consider I don't get paid or anything is kinda pathetic in that I would actually take the time/effort to consider creating such a policy), but a great quote from ABQ City Council District 6 candidate Joanie (I'm not a local singer, I'm a confusingly ill-defined politico disingenuously running away from the Mayor while giving the mistaken impression I am supported by actual liberals like Martin Heinrich) Griffin has me unable to resist.

Journal reporter Jeff Jones sums up his piece headlined "Denish Aids Mayor Critic in City Race" with Griffin outraged that many (make that all) people think of her as inextricably tied/controlled to/by Feudal Prince Marty Chavez.
"I wonder: If the mayor's press secretary in 2005 had been a man, would people be calling him 'the mayor's boy?' I doubt it," Griffin added. "I am so unbelievably offended by it, I can't even tell you."

No, Ms. Griffin, people wouldn't call such a man "the mayor's boy"...they would have stuck a word/modifier in between "mayor's" and "boy". And I think you can guess what that word would be, and no I don't like pejorative sexual references anymore than you or any other thinking person.

But you're running for political office here. This isn't a "ditch-safety campaign", but a race for City Council. And you weren't just a Marty supporter, you were his Campaign Spokesperson. Or are all the, uh, jobs just the same for a "top marketing professional"?

If you're "unbelievably offended" now, just wait until you're on a Council that treats you like a political leper for a couple of years. You're gonna be able to play an entire deck of "mistreatment of women" cards then. Solitaire, of course.

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Kelsey Atherton said...

Got the absentee ballot specifically to vote against her. How dare she sully Heinrich's good name. What the man needs is a slight disfigurement, not harm to his reputation. homecoming king and all that...