Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Watching Movies, City Council Election Style

It's time like these that I really wish I lived in ABQ city instead of out in Bernco, because I'm missing direct contact with 'Burque's version of "Alien v. Predator", i.e. Marty v. O'Malley. Actually it's more like "Alien", and Feudal Prince Marty Chavez is trying to clone offspring Aliens that will spring from John Hurt's (as played by Brad Winter) abdominal cavity, then wreak havoc until Sigourney Weaver (O'Malley) takes the offensive and kicks Alien ass through a series of increasingly poor sequels.

Or something like that.

Perhaps the movie that best fits the whole Marty and his minions story is "Invasion of the Body Snatchers". Nothing else besides the consumption of or lying next to strange huge pods (I never really understood that part of the movie) can really explain the blank, gape-eyed staring subservience of Marty's Minions to the ideas of Marty. Well, there is the money. Okay, in our twisted analogy the pods are money, money and large housing subdivisions. Yeah, that's it, the pods multiply like 3-2-2 homes built 10 feet away from one another as far as the eye can see. We'll call it "Invasion of the New Mexico Homebuilder's Association".

I think I've been watching too much of Jeremy Piven on "Entourage".

Living out in Bernco, away from the Katherine Martinez ("KMart") mailers, I can only watch/read stories like Coco's on Duke City Fix about Marty's Slate o' Minions, Trib stories about how "KMart" supposedly wants to distance herself from the tentacular grip o' Marty and hard-hitting Journal stories about Marty Minion opponent Rey Garduno's (sorry, no tilde on Blogger that I can see) shoplifting charge from 19 years ago.

I'm like a recovering substance abuser watching one of those drug-filled parties on "Entourage". I'm about one political mailer from falling off the politico-wagon and moving the goats and horses to a little District 6 bungalow near Girard and Lomas. I know it's only City Council, but what's so fun about these races is the public access TV level lack of slickness and sophistication. My favorite so far is the response to an earlier Coco post on DCF from the campaign manager for District 6 candidate Joanie Griffin. Funny, funny stuff. Better than anything on TV, public access or otherwise. Except "Naked Man" on Channel 27. Man, I wish Don Schrader would run for City Council. He'd be perfect in the role.

P.S.: Speaking of City Council...I won't be able to go (something about horses and goats), but the Council will be considering "bike boulevards", as advocated by the wonderful "BikeABQ" cycling-as-transportation fanatics group. Like everything else it seems...I'll be watching on Channel 16 tonight.

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