Thursday, January 08, 2009

12 Days, 3 Hours, 19 Minutes and Counting Down

A year of so ago I wrote a little something for a now moribund newspaper about how we, as a nation, we're just about done suffering through the Worst Presidential Administration Ever.

Well, that was before all Great Depression II Hell broke out (officially), and now an even larger majority of Americans agree with the sentiment that January 20th cannot possibly come fast enough. Gwyneth Doland at the New Mexico Independent relates the findings of a Pew Research Center poll in which 99.4% of Americans reported finding hearing the words "George W. Bush" to cause instantaneous projectile vomiting.

No, I made that up. Actually, the most damning result in the poll was that only 24% of Americans "approve of outgoing President's performance". Then again, Pew didn't ask the "projectile vomiting" question, which is one of the reasons I don't like polling.

Meanwhile, older folks at school keep coming up to me (due to a misguided perception that I know something about the "Internets") asking if they will be able to see the Inauguration online during the school day. I understand the excitement toward the dawn of the Obama Administration, but, frankly, I would be highly stoked about ANY new Administration replacing the nightmare that is P.V. Bush (Projectile Vomiting, of course). A Pauly Shore Administration would be rapturous in comparison with 'ol P.V.

Perhaps that is somewhat of an exaggeration. Regardless, I'm more pumped about the idea of a Bush Leaving Party than an Obama Inauguration Party. And I've been excited about this upcoming day for, let's see, just about eight years now. And it's almost time for us to put the barf bags down, and get our post-Bush groove on.

Party on Garth. Party almost on Pauly Shore.


steve said...

Popularity should probably not be the measure of a good presidency (for instance, Lincoln was not very popular most of the time). My hope is that Obama will be independent minded and not just seek to please everyone--that would actually be a positive lesson to learn from George Bush. A negative lesson he should learn would be to start getting it right for a change!

michelle meaders said...

If people want to watch or listen to the Inauguration, they don't need the Internet. It should be on lots of regular Television and Radio stations. Call it Current Events or Citizenship. Or people can use the ways they manage to watch sports events at work. And I'm sure it will be repeated many times on the evening news.

jscotkey said...

Michelle: I neglected to mention it in the post, but my school doesn't have "Channel One", thus it doesn't have TV sets in the classrooms (cabling, etc.). Televisions are a rare, rare commodity in our "A/V Room", so streaming via Internet is the only option by and large. Schools are weird that way. In fact, schools are just plain weird.

ched macquigg said...

There is a two hour long school board candidate forum Thursday 6-8pm
Uptown Centre