Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Obama Administration Continues To Invade My Cerebellum

Those of us on the Lefty side are so used to reading things from a G.W. Bush White House that some of us are having a hard time adjusting. I mean, we had eight years of totally expecting that every piece of communication from the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government would reflect the exact opposite of our own view of the world. And Shrub never let us down. It was like magnetic polarity or was a natural law.

So to read a story in which the new White House chef lambastes public school lunches, attacks the overly cozy Factory Farm-U.S. Department of Agriculture subsidy relationship and says:
In 2003, U.S.D.A. spent $939.5 million dollars buying surplus commodities for School Lunch. Two-thirds of that bought meat and dairy, with little more than one quarter going to vegetables that were mostly frozen; and we should not forget that potatoes are the top selling vegetable in our country. The problem that arose is that between 80 and 85 percent of schools fail the basic government standards for the percentage of fat in the lunches due to the food it supplies schools.
...well, it's a bit of a shock to the Lefty system. I keep peering around the back of my computer screen, expecting to see someone holding up a sign saying "Just Kidding!".

I'm having a hard time believing the New York Times isn't downloading my political daydreams and running them as stories the next day.

This one has it right down to my mental picture of what a cultural revolutionary in the White House would look like:

Sam Kass, White House Chef and obvious dream figment

Shaved head, sinister smile, obligatory chef smock with shoulder food thermometer holder. Surrounded by stainless steel refrigeration units. Yep...that's my dream for dietary overthrow exactly. It's creepy...

Get out of my head, Obama Administration! Stop stealing my dreams, New York Times!

Come to think about it, the Shrub Administration was my nightmare for eight years. This doesn't seem like such a bad deal. Kinda creepy, and I still don't quite trust it yet, but not such a bad deal.


Rudolfo Carrillo said...
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Rudolfo Carrillo said...

I'm pretty sure that you don't mean the you know, the cerebellum is the part of the human brain that controls motor has some role in sensory perception as well, but I will continue to maintain that your metaphor is, at best, confusing.
just saying...

jscotkey said...

Rudolfo: Thanks for dropping by.

Funny you mention the cerebellum thing. I did about nine nanoseconds of google-research this morning, and wikipedia said this:

It is unknown where in the brain dreams originate, if there is a single origin for dreams or if multiple portions of the brain are involved, or what the purpose of dreaming is for the body or mind.

And then I found this BBC story that said something about deep in the back of the brain (

Still wanting to use part of the brain in the title, I just went to a labeled brain image, saw cerebellum at the back and went for it.

Frankly, I wanted to go "hippocampus" just because I really like the way "hippocampus" sounds. In fact, especially as I was evidently wrong about, I really wished I'd just used "hippocampus".

I think it's probably not necessary to bring up, at this point, the fact I am not a medical doctor, nor do I play one on TV.

Again, thanks for dropping by.

Catmoves said...

Ah, yes. Isn't it wonderful to have a lefty chef attack the school lunch program. Smarmy.
I am quite sure his salary would support more than a few children. We don't need information and panning from the loaded section of society. And that includes our new Prez. What we need are people who are quite capable of devising real meals for real kids for a
real(istic) price.
I can't imagine the two new kids in the White House trying our cheese sandwiches.
The NY Times is the most switcheroo paper ever to come into sight. You can find whatever you want in its pages. Just wait. Sooner or later they will back whatever view you have. (Shhh. I used to work for the newspapers.)