Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I Guess He's Got That Interview For Secretary of Commerce

Woe is the ABQ blogosphere, as the Mayor has had to postpone his online "town-hall meeting". Something about a "scheduling conflict". Perhaps that trial lead balloon cold call from the League of Latin American Citizens (LULAC) throwing out potential Big Bill replacements with Marty at the top o' list actually got the guy an interview with Obama Inc.

Maybe. Can't........suppress....uncontrollable....laughter.....

I don't know what's funnier, the idea of putting Feudal Prince (FP) Marty at the top of such a list, or the Bizarro World idea that this could really be why the Mayor doesn't have time to "meet" with the basement-dwelling, pajama-clad blogoscenti.

Of course, dear reader, you would be exactly right in pointing out we entered Bizarro World a long, long, long time ago. Partisanship aside, did it ever occur to you while watching that Eddie Murphy/Dan Ackroyd movie "Trading Places" twenty-five years ago to think, "Hey, that guy playing the baggage handler who interacts with that totally fake looking gorilla would make a pretty good U.S. Senator some day"?

Anything is possible in politics. If "Stuart Smalley" can be U.S. Senator, Marty Chavez can be Secretary of Commerce. I must say, however, that despite my true respect and fandom toward the humor of Senator Franken, naming FP Marty to Secretary of Commerce in the Obama Administration at this point would eclipse, in a single uproarious announcement, all the funny of Al Franken's entire comic career. It would make Andy Kaufman singing the "Mighty Mouse Song" look like "Family Circus".

Man, I almost hope that's the reason for the mysterious "scheduling conflict" at this point. Such, such potential.

P.S.: Now that I'm all nostalgic about Al Franken, remember that time he explained tax deductions on "Saturday Night Live" as part of his "Al Franken Decade" shtick? Good times, brothers and sisters...good times.

P.P.S.: Marty as Secretary of Commerce would still be funnier.

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Anonymous said...

But just think of how many new McMansions would be built all over the country under Marty! As far as I can tell home-building is the only form of Commerce Marty is even aware of.

I'm not in favor of nominating people just because of the ancestry but if we have to do that there has to be someone out there who's not such a.. I think douchebag is the word I'm looking for.