Friday, January 30, 2009

Newspapers Now Use Unorthodox Methods, But Evidently I've Been Using Them All Along

Print newspapers might be going the way of the Dodo, leisure suits and drivers using their turn signals, but, late in the game, they're doing some very interesting, 'Net-integrated things:
Cool stuff, and that's just from the three newspapers I read online. I'm sure there are tons of other examples...but I'm too 'Net lazy to find them.


And speaking of finding stuff, it's always fun to look through Sitemeter and find Google search strings that, unfathomably, lead folks to your blog. Most popular search phrases recently have been trying to find information out on "Manny Aragon", "Instructional Coaches" and "Bad Teachers", but a few recent favorites include:
  • "Where's a good place to find seafood cioppino in Dallas, Texas?"
  • "Teachers fear trips", and, from Clackamas, Oregon:
  • "Can a teacher be fired for swinging?"
Good to know that Burque Babble is the one-stop shop for all your unorthodox sexual practice questions. And yes, I realize that by putting the phrase "unorthodox sexual practice" in this blogpost that I'm headed for tons of more bizarre search strings leading the more bizarre among us to Burque Babble.

Welcome bizarre people. Just be advised I, myself, can't swing because I get motion-sickness. Very easily.
Just so you know.

P.S.: Perhaps if the print media put more post labels for "swinging", "unorthodox sexual practice" and such on their new cool 'Net-integrated features newspaper could survive forever. It's an idea I'm sure the folks at the Journal, etc. had long, long, long ago.

P.P.S.: Btw, this is Post #650 for Burque Babble. What a semi-long, unorthodox trip it's been.

Have a good weekend everybody.


Natalie said...

I saw the that video link in the Journal this morning but it was 4:30 and I just couldn't stomach it.
Gave me a good laugh, though!
Have a good weekend, yourself!
(Delurking 'cause I appreciate the bizarro nod... lol)

steve said...

Whereas the newspapers are becoming defunct, I notice you're on a pace to about double your output for this year. Well, I often miss reading the Journal, and haven't missed your blogpost in a long time, and I wonder if I'm really missing something. Am I searching for entertainment, and avoiding my civic duty? In any case, I enjoyed the recent video links a lot (except Ms. South Carolina, or whoever she is--I couldn't stomach it to the end) and feel I'm better for it. Thanks

jscotkey said...

Steve: I find that trying to learn French online has really increased the pace of my blogposting. The same avoidance strategy seems to work whenever I'm supposed to be doing horse chores, cleaning up dog poop or studying candidates for the upcoming APS School Board election.

In other words, blogs might be all about avoiding from both the blogger and reader side.

And Natalie...haven't heard from you in a while. Any chance you're going to get back to your APS blog? Or do I miss the newest iteration of it?