Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What I Missed While I Was Sick (Ongoing)

While trying (it would appear somewhat unsuccessfully) to sleep off a cold/flu whatever all day/night yesterday I missed all Hell breaking loose over at Democracy for New Mexico. And damn, I missed it.

In a cogent, thorough and pretty darn damning piece, Barb calls Jim Scarantino "out" over his (insert derogatory word/phrase here) views on Rep. Mimi Stewart's new bill on domestic partnerships. It's the best blog read yet this new year, and includes tons of riffing comments making it even better.

Reading it this early morning, instead of yesterday, I kinda feel like I missed my chance to jump in. Damn ultra-short-term internet topicality. But it's still good to read, go check it out.

P.S.: And speaking of Jim Scarantino, I realize at this point that almost 2/3rds of Albuquerque residents have appeared on that show, "In Focus". A question for those who have had the fortune/misfortune to do so: do you get the same creeped-out, bugs crawling up your legs feeling every time you accidentally find yourself seeing "In Focus" while surfing channels on a Friday night? Does your stomach jump as you frantically click the remote away from Channel 5 to anything other than Channel 5? Do you find it takes some minutes for the sweat on your forehead and feelings of gastro-intestinal distress to go away after accidentally watching a second or two of "In Focus"? Do even the words "Jim Scarantino" make you almost want to throw up?

Just wondering.


John Fleck said...

I'll be honest, I kinda get a kick out of Jim's poke-stick-in-eye style. My problem with the show is broader - the underlying idea that you have a bunch of non-experts on to voice strong opinions about things they're, well, not experts in. Except, of course, when they have me on the show. Then it's fabulous. :-)

barbwire said...

One problem I see with the show is that nobody ever gets enough time to counter what Scarantino or other regulars say. The conversation is marshaled in such a way that Jim and some others get to hold forth for a long time and then the debate is cut off, or the person trying to counter is allowed only a sentence or two.

I've been a guest on the show and it can be frustrating. Not "called on" to talk about issues I care about and "called on" to talk about issues I don't care about or know nothing about. Left out of many of the discussions. I think most guests get the short end of the stick.

It might help to toss out the idea of regulars and have different people every time.

I used to have some respect for Scarantino but now I've lost all that and I usually can't bring myself to watch the show. I've also turned down a couple requests to appear on it because I feel like I'll get trampled.

Jim Scarantino said...

I hope you have recovered from your cold or flu, Scot. You are a good teacher and I am sure the kids miss you.

jscotkey said...

Jim S.: Thanks for dropping by. Actually, I was able to trudge through almost all of my sickest day and really missed only one period. There is the matter of spreading contagion, but I'd prefer not to think about that.

And while I "have you", you won't remember because you do the show all the time, but I was on sometime last Spring just when it became clear it was a Obama v. McCain race.

You declared that McCain would carry New Mexico, and I was OH SO CLOSE, SO VERY CLOSE to saying something like "so Jim, would care to wager a little money on that proposition?", but I waited too long, the moment passed and it's been bugging me like crazy ever since. LIke crazy...

Of course it's bugged me far more given the results of early November.

My incompetence in not replying is yet more evidence that I should NEVER be on the show, and the memory creates another example of that creeped out feeling I get from just thinking about the show, etc. nighttime....under the covers....spider....legs.....crawling up torso kinda associations...at least for me.