Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Digging Through the Economic Stimulus Weeds For Education Cabbage

Education Total $68,456,000,000 $42,850,000,000 ▼$25,606,000,000
K-12 education $26,616,000,000 $25,400,000,000 ▼$1,216,000,000
School construction and technology $21,000,000,000
Higher education $16,140,000,000 $13,900,000,000 ▼$2,240,000,000
Early childhood programs $4,700,000,000 $3,550,000,000 ▼$1,150,000,000
--taken from "The Stimulus Bills: House v. Senate by Michael Grabelli, ProPublica 2.10.09 (9:00 A.M. E.S.T.)
Don't know how well Blogger will handle the above table (House final bill on the left, Senate on the right), but there are literally days of wonkish amusement to be had delving into the "economic stimulus" numbers at Shovelwatch.
Caution: The sites linked above are potential wonk time-sinks on an order of magnitude equal to that of high school "reunion" folks on Facebook. Number Nerd Discretion is Advised.

I see elsewhere that Senators Bingaman & Udall have press released the prospective NM numbers from the Senate version and that the NM delegation to the U.S. House has sent a letter to Congressional leaders urging full retention of the education funding in the House version (Hat Tip to DFNM on both counts).
both links are .pdf, speaking of time-sinks.

One final line from the ProPublica chart culled at the top of this post:

State fiscal relief $79,000,000,000 $39,000,000,000 ▼$40,000,000,000
That's the biggest single line drop in the Senate version. The biggest add-on on the Senate side: tax-breaks.

The Conference sessions on this one should be something else. I applaud the NM folks for their support of the education funding, but let's see where this heads. Maybe I have "trust issues", but any sane K-12 public educator would have to have "trust issues" after all the fiscal mistreatment we've faced from Congress over the years.

Meanwhile, anyone who finds other good links to more "stimulus" details, please pass them along to your friendly fellow Number Nerd.

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