Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Official Start to Bicycle Commuting Season Is Today

The days have now lengthened sufficiently, the early morning temps warmed just a bit, and I've gained about five pounds since largely suspending my commute sometime back in December.

Time for bike commuting season to begin.

I know for some of you there is no break. You're out there in the semi-dark, 20 degrees or even colder. I know because I have guiltily driven past you going up Coal, crossing Central at Girard, etc. I've admired you even while daggers of personal shame stab at me. I'm the really nice guy who hasn't been crowding you at the Lomas/Girard light, the one letting you lead the way through the 20 mph school zone. Yeah, I'm that guy. Unfortunately, there aren't too many of us out there.

And this morning I'm joining you, despite the fact the afternoon weather looks pretty crappy (50 mph wind?). The pull of that sweet commuting feeling is too strong. The energy-building sensation that comes from using one's own energy. The chance to see the cranes in the fields along the bike trail between Rio Bravo and Bridge. And the chance to avoid the daily nightmare of seeing how people drive down Rio Bravo and up 2nd Street.

Speaking of which: ATTENTION 2ND STREET DRIVERS GOING NORTHBOUND AROUND 7:35 A.M.! You may now speed to your heart's content. That slowpoke forcing you to drive the 35 mph speed limit along the one-lane road has left the building. The phalanx of road-raged drivers apopletic with hatred for the guy in the green Honda can now dissiptate into the usual Dayton 500 of "I have to get to work right this second!!!!!!" paint-swapping, mayhem.

Meanwhile, the posts might get a bit more infrequent and briefer here for a while. Getting ready for work at 6:30 instead of 7:00 and all that. Somehow I don't think the loss of blogging electrons will be missed.

Time to put on the balaclava, the three layers and the bike helmet. Time to turn on the blinking light. See you on the road, folks. Hope the road-ragers see me, too.

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