Tuesday, February 03, 2009

High-Powered Attorneys Bickering and I Need An Election Addiction Higher Power

"Mr. Foy is a disgruntled employee who likes to sexually harass women and now this is his payback for getting fired.”
That's a quote from attorney Sam "I never met a camera & microphone I didn't like" Bregman in a rather hilarious story by the NM Independent's Trip Jennings about a wacky press conference involving far too many lawyers, and the Governor's alleged "pay to play" shenanigans.

I know, having one lawyer in the room is having too many lawyers. But check out the photos of Bregman, and attorney/APS School Board member Marty Esquivel! Check out the mudslinging! Check out the catty comebacks!

Anytime guys in very dark suits are getting overpaid by the hour to say things like "zero credibility" and "politically motivated smear" I want to be there. Mr. Jennings tells us that "the press conference was held in a small room in an Albuquerque senior center". Man, it would have almost been worth spending time in an Albuquerque senior center to watch a show like that.

Thanks Mr. Jennings and the Independent for bringing the snarky details to us tonight. It made the dorky job of actually refreshing to see updated APS School Board results almost worthwhile.

P.S.: Yes, I actually sat at an computer tonight hitting refresh on APS School Board results. I know...pathetic. Well, the first step in having an election addiction is admitting you have a problem. And checking out School Board results is like an addicted gambler betting three-game teasers on preseason NFL, or an alcoholic reaching for the 64 oz. mouthwash again.

I know...maybe worse.


Anonymous said...

Oh no, Paula "get in a teacher's face" Maes, Marty Esquivel's good friend, bought the election again!
She didn't even get an endorsement from our sorry excuse of a union!

Anonymous said...

4.75% of eligible voters in APS Districts 3, 5, 6 and 7 >>>

And the turnout was only 3%. I was voter 10 at noon in my district.

Cheers, mi3ke